Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Protesters Crash The Beavercreek Cop Shop!

A protester at Walmart. The Beavercreek Walmart has gotten some national attention after a Beavercreek officer shot and killed a shopper who he thought was an active shooter.

Protesters were stationed at the Beavercreek, Ohio police department over the weekend. Also the junk food media releases the audio recordings of Sean Williams, the officer who shot and killed John Crawford III.

It was a peaceful rally. Some were arrested for impeding the safety of residents. Of course this is what democracy looks like.

In August 2014, Crawford was shopping at Walmart. He was on the phone when he picked up an air rifle that was out of its case. Ronald Ritchie was the individual who called the law with the claim that the gentleman was pointing that at customers.

Beavercreek Officer Sean Williams and Sergeant David Darkow quickly arrived at the Walmart.

The officers observed Crawford down in the pet food aisle with the air rifle. Williams and Darkow claim that they gave Crawford the order to put down his firearm. Crawford was on the phone talking to his ex-girlfriend. Within a few seconds, Williams fires upon Crawford. Crawford was shocked and dropped. After he got up Williams fired again and Crawford dropped.
Don't shoot campaign comes to Beavercreek. Protesters camp outside of the suburb's police headquarters.
According to Crawford's girlfriend, he was crying saying that why did you shoot me?

Crawford would die on his way to the hospital. Customer Angie Williams would die after being shocked by the outcome of events.

The Ohio grand jury found that the officer who fired on Crawford was not guilty. The officials said that the video showed that Crawford was minding his business and wasn't causing a panic.

The U.S. Justice Department is now looking into criminal actions against officer Williams.

The internet activist group Anonymous also released a video. They demand Beavercreek city officials fire the officer. They want Ronald Ritchie to be indicted for causing a panic. And they want the city of Beavercreek to apologize publicly to the family of John Crawford.

These are the latest developments in this ongoing story. We here at Journal de la Reyna will keep you informed about the situation.

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