Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Websites Are Shutting Down Comment Sections Thanks To Drudge!

Without racial stories. how could this guy stay in business?

The annoying agitator of the viral shithole often links some racially based stories to appease the racist right. And as usual the ugly word vomit spews onto the comment section page.

Many controversial stories are often posted via this shithole, the agitators from the conservative media take the bone and run with it in their mouths.

Insert either Obama or a racial slur and they'll really have a party.

Now websites are going to put an end to the "WILD WEST" of ignorance.

Yes, it cuts both ways. The irrational left and the racist right both have their vile ignorance spread down the comments page. I mean it's at this point a serious discussion can't be engaged without properly knocking someone's intelligence, or baseless name calling.

Nowadays, most websites are shutting down comment sections. Some are even thinking of enforcing mandatory enrollments to their profiles.

Popular Science, YouTube, Mediaite, Chicago Sun-Times, Huffington Post, Politico and even Facebook have decided to put an end to the unruly behavior of those in the comment section.

I think if it's possible with S. Baldwin and Mark Schmidt, I would think it's time to advocate civility in the comment section.

Not stifling freedom of speech, people. You can be the obnoxious commentator. But does it mean that we can read this nonsense?

Again, let me say that we're not in the business of reading word vomit. I don't care what you think of me or anyone who contributes to Journal de la Reyna. We're here with an honest opinion of issues facing our community, the government and the junk food media.

Sometimes in my mindset, by calling the president a "socialist" its a newer way of saying NIGGER without mentioning the word. Conservative strategists know how to get the ball running on labeling an opponent "the other". That's why you have a network that promotes 24/7 Republican bullcrap!

Seriously, conservatives believe that being called racist is the attempt by the left to silence them from speaking the "facts" about "us Black folk" stealing from "da White man".

Conservatives believe racism solely lies within the Democratic Party. They often accuse Barack Obama (the nation's first Black president), Michelle Obama (First Lady of The United States), Al Sharpton (Rev. Perm), Jesse Jackson (Cut His Nuts Off Jackson) and Eric Holder (U.S. Attorney General) as the reasons for racism in America.

If you didn't know, our country's demographics have shifted again. For the first time since 2012, a child birth per year will be majority interracial. So in other words, this country is going to be a whole lot browner.

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