Monday, September 15, 2014

Tom Joyner Will Appear At The John Crawford Shooting Protest!

The famed Black talker comes to Dayton to join the protest at a Beavercreek Walmart. The suburban retailer has gotten a lot of heat after a tip by a shopper lead to two officers firing upon John Crawford III.

om Joyner and Jay Anthony Brown will visit students and faculty at historical black college Central State University, established in 1887.

Crawford was the man who was shot and killed by two Beavercreek officers after they confronted him with a pellet gun. The panic lead to the death of Angie Williams, a customer who had a heart attack after seeing the event unfold.

Crawford's death led to protest at Walmart and Beavercreek city hall. The family of Crawford wants the answers to why the officers shot and killed a man who was looking at a pellet gun.

A man who tipped of the law is under fire. Ronald Ritchie is getting some major flack after changing his account of the shooting. He was the main caller saying to the operators that Crawford was pointing the firearm at children and looking like he's loading.

This touched off a major outcry. The man was minding his business and was on the phone with the mother of his children. The woman is the only vocal witness. She told the media that he was on the phone with her and all of sudden, the law orders him to drop the item and he turned towards them, and they let the bullets fly. He was struck and died a few moments later.

Mike DeWine, Ohio Attorney General is under fire for not releasing the videos. He fears that it will prove the family's point that an unjustifiable shooting by law enforcement lead to the death of a man.

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