Friday, September 12, 2014

Murder Suspect's Rampage Stops Traffic In Ohio!

Kimberley Thomas and her son were murdered by her former boyfriend. That boyfriend caused a major traffic collision on Interstate 75 near Cincinnati. Terry Froman is the suspect.

Since this is been a week of major events in the state I reside, I happen to hear this one through the junk food media. A man from Kentucky murdered a woman and her teenage son. The suspect managed to self inflicted himself with a firearm.

This happened in the city of Middletown, a midway point between Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio.

This event tied up an eight lane (and heavily traveled) Interstate 75. It took over eight hours for the highway to open. That highway carries 350,000 vehicles a day.

Terry Froman, a 41-year old man from Illinois was on the run after he murdered his girlfriend's son.

The girlfriend Kim Thomas was held hostage during this whole ordeal. Her life was sadly taken away. While being held hostage, Froman shot her and threw her out of the vehicle. He would take the coward's way out when confronted by the Ohio State Patrol (OSP).

The Kentucky State Police gave the tip that he was in the metro Cincinnati area. They knew he was a dangerous individual with suicidal intentions.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to family of slain woman Kimberley Thomas and her son Michael Eli Mohney.

I am guessing this is the young victim's YouTube profile. I can't confirm this but it looks eerily like him.

The OSP troopers around 12:30 p.m. learned a suspect was headed to Ohio north on Interstate 75. Using location data from his cellphone, troopers spotted the suspect's vehicle, a white GMC Yukon with Illinois plates, and initiated a stop at 1:14 p.m. in the area of the 31 milepost. The suspect continued a short distance before pulling to the right berm. When troppers got out of their cruisers, they heard shots fired inside the vehicle. The shots were not directed at troopers, who did not return fire, according to a release from the patrol.

Troopers took of secure positions and waited for backup before approaching the vehicle. The highway was shut down to ensure motorists' safety.

Troopers then approached the vehicle and were able to apprehend the suspect without further incident. The suspect suffered an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound and was taken to Atrium Medical Center in Middletown. His injuries are not life-threatening, the OSP said.

Crazed gunman Terry Froman shot himself. He is being treated for his injuries. He is the suspect wanted for the murder of his former girlfriend and her son. The crazed man held the woman hostage and killed her when he was being cornered by the law.
A deceased woman was found in the rear seat of the SUV. The cause, location and time of her death have not yet been determined.

Charges are pending further investigation into the circumstances surrounding in the death of Kimberley Thomas and her son.

Dayton Daily News and The Cincinnati Enquirer both covered this controversy and are getting all the facts on what happened.

One thing is clear, that the suspect will be treated for his injuries. The victims are dead.

What will tip off the racist right, the suspect is Black. The victims are White. Guess what happens?

The racist right will go right to town on this controversy. Asshat Colin Flaherty and Dickwad Charles C. Johnson will find ways to smear the president and the Black community.
[Michael] Eli Mohney and his mom Kimberley Thomas were killed by crazed gunman who was her former boyfriend.

Okay, I've peeped out the suspect's social network page. He has a profile that open for the junk food media to see.

One thing that sticks out for the racist right. He's a rapper. His Monoply (sic) Records Entertainment sticks out like a sore thumb.

When it come to the tales of Black on White crime, the racist right is carrying that on its sleeve.

I gotta admit that this stuff happens in America. I mean Black on other race crime does occur in America.

Murder is a colorless crime. It doesn't matter who the victim is. The suspect is a criminal, regardless or race, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion or social standings.

But however, the way the media covers this is assured that conservative agitators will make this a political issue in the U.S. Midterms. Count on many of those Insurgent Republicans to make the case to say that it's our faults for the nation's woes.

The racist right sees Black America as worthless.

They don't give a f--- about us.

They rather see us lock-up in the iron college. They don't want us to vote. They want us to be broke and dead by our own hands.

In the age of Barack Obama, Americans are on food stamps, poverty is on the rise, unemployment is high, the world is spiraling into chaos and the Constitution is being ripped up by the lawlessness of this man and his cronies. This is the word vomit according to the racist right and their supporters.

This event will assure continuous agitation about how WE BLACKS condone this murder.

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