Friday, September 05, 2014

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Ires!

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The racist right can't stop smearing the name of Michael Brown. They pass around this photo of a man with a broken eye socket, They claim this was MO officer Darren Wilson. Turns out that guy isn't Wilson but Jim McNeil a motorcross rider who was killed in 2011. This was a photo of the late motorcross rider in 2006.

The racist right spreads around a photo of a man with a swollen eye. They claim that is the Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. The officer shot unarmed teen Michael Brown sparking a month of unrest in the St. Louis area.

It's one of the themes of the racist right to smear the name of the victim.

That victim is a Black teen. They tried to smear Brown by calling everything but unarmed citizen.

Attorney General Eric Holder has ordered an investigation into the Ferguson police department.

He wants the records of previous encounters with citizens, He wants to know how many incidents involving police officers and those of color.

Once again, this is stupidity at its best.

The racist right will try their hardest to debunk the witnesses who saw the officer put six in the teen.

They will call this young man everything but a human being.

Never since Trayvon Martin have we experience more inept forms of racism directed not only towards the Black community, but President Barack Obama, his family and those unarmed Black victims murdered by those who swore to protect them.

This is what Darren Wilson looks like by the way.

Supposed Photo of Injured Darren Wilson Is Just Some White Guy

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