Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jon Stewart Takes The Daily Show To FedEX Field!

Jason Jones (center) heads to FedEx Field to confront die hard Washington Redskin fans over the controversy of the name.

Comedian Jon Stewart is probably one of the most gifted talents to ever walk this earth. His satire based The Daily Show has often proven a point one too many times.

The Daily Show's crack team of writers have often go into a situation and bring the laughter and figuratively speaking seriousness of what's going on in the world.

Stewart has picked up on the controversy with the naming of the Washington Redskins, NFC franchise.

Many Native Americans are frustrated with the naming of some of America's professional teams.

Two come to mind, the Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians. These two franchises have often displayed stereotypical and negative depictions of the American Indian.
Controversy continues with the naming of the team.
Comedian Jason Jones along with some Native American activist go to Landover to meet some of the fans. Yes, it's going to be uncomfortable.

Jones and his "Daily Show" producers interviewed the group of die hard fans, then brought them face-to-face with a group of Native Americans activists who fiercely oppose the team's name and logo.

The segment also featured an interview with team owner Daniel Snyder, who reiterated his stance that the name Redskins isn't offensive. "The name of our team is the name of our team," he told Jones. "It represents honor, it represents pride, it represents respect."

The outcry is strong and hopefully the NFL despite all the controversy from its players attacking women make one good decision this year.

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