Thursday, August 07, 2014

Thief Geeking On Camera!

Can you look beautiful and still act like you're stupid?

This is what happens in the state best known for its residents and their utter stupidity. Guess what happens when you're a thief holding a stolen item?

You would pose in front of surveillance cameras holding a credit card from someone else.

This is a Florida woman who would try to purchase merchandise that driven a red flag to the cashier.

The shopper charged more than $400 worth of items from Lookin’ Good Beauty Supply, but she couldn't produce any government-issued ID to prove she was the person listed on the card. The cheerful consumer agreed to the clerk’s request for a picture of her with her plastic, which also had been used to make purchases at Family Dollar and Citgo.

"I thought that would scare her into saying I don't want this anymore, but she smiled for it," the clerk tells WKMG. Police say they've gotten several tips since releasing the photo to the public, but haven't made an arrest yet. The card actually belongs to an elderly woman who says it was stolen while she was shopping at Walmart.

In the photo, the alleged thief also appears to be holding the wallet that was stolen along with the credit card, reports the Ocala Star-Banner.

Her victim, 74-year-old Josephine Lupo, had her wallet stolen while shopping at a Ocala Walmart.

Abdel Kasem said the alleged thief is a regular customer, but the Kasem said she grew suspicious after the thief showed a credit card and didn't have a matching driver's license.

"She kept saying, 'You know me, you know me,' and I said, 'I know your face, but we don't know your name, so I'm not gonna take your card without ID.'"

That's when Kasem asked to take her picture with the credit card.

"I thought that would scare her into saying I don't want this anymore, but she smiled for it," Kasem said.

The picture surprised Lupo, too.

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