Saturday, August 30, 2014

Big Snoop Does Whiteface!

Snoop Dogg picks up a new trick. Conservative uproar.

Will the conservative agitators get mad that veteran rapper and entertainer Big Snoop dons their looks?

Yup, they would. The former editor of Breitfart News decided to find some reason to attack it.

Ben Shapiro's Truth Revolt already making noise about the entertainer's new look.

Snoop Dogg's White Face Gimmick - Media Is Silent

All in big caption the conservative agitator is worried that the "liberal" media isn't looking at the attempt by a BLACK THUG donning a White look. 

Look at the image of the entertainer as a White man.

Shapiro who is most famously known for carrying the water for the late Andrew Breitbart before striking out on his own. He and Joel Pollack were trying to tie the president to a Harvard professor Derrick Bell. Bell was a "controversial" professor who studied in Black American studies. According to the agitators, Bell's teachings to a Harvard Law Review graduate like Obama sparked his "radical" leanings.

Big Snoop endorsed the legalization of marijuana in 2012. He also thrown his support to President Barack Obama and pissed off the conservative agitators. 

This whiteface issue was started by the Wayans Brothers and then the hapless Nick Cannon. Now Snoop Dogg and of course, conservatives are pissed about the media not getting pissed at it.

Unfortunately the media isn't silent about it, Shapiro. You're covering it. We're covering it. The media is covering it. To be honest, it's not blackface. It's not like Snoop Dogg devoted his whole life to trashing White folks. Unfortunately, you and O'Loofus have devoted time to trashing him and the Black community.

You just don't like Snoop Dogg and those who associated with the entertainer.

Below there's another picture of the entertainer in his new face.

What's your thoughts on Big Snoop's "Todd" impression?

Was it funny or offensive?

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