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Ohio Cops Kill Crazed Gunman At Walmart!

Police investigate officer involved shooting at a Walmart in Beavercreek, Ohio.

This event happened while I worked at my job last night. I just barely got word of the tragedy that occurred at a Walmart in Dayton, Ohio.


The nice guy would be the [person] who was rejected from a job, a relationship or experience family issues.

The nice guy would be isolated, reclusive and often a giver. When the nice guy is spurn, the nice guy would snap. They would commit acts upon others including themselves.

The gunman or victim would get apparent sympathy from some but condemnation from the world.

Say if this was a mass shooting. If this was a mass shooting, obviously you will get wall to wall coverage on the cable news and local news. The junk food media will obviously make some mistakes on the situation.

The agitators would make it a political issue. Some would call for gun control. Others would call for arming civilians. Some would blame liberals for being wussy advocates for the deranged. Some would blame conservatives for being idiots with blinders whenever a mass shooting happens in suburbia. The blame game is often a play in political theater.

The possibility of a shooting in a large gathering place is not rare! It's obvious a part of the growing problems with firearms and the deranged.

This lone gunman who went into Walmart while people were shopping. The gunman waved the gun around but never fired. The Beavercreek Police came in a hurry to the location. They ordered the gunman to disarm but he ignored their words. They used deadly force. The location of where the shooting occurred probably happened in the front.

This occurred at 8:00 pm Tuesday night. The gunman would later be shot and killed by Beavercreek police.

Not often a situation would happen in Beavercreek. We all as Americans never would expect this thing to happen. We normally live and do daily routines without thought of an active shooter.

Who would have thought an active shooter situation happening in one of world's largest retailer?

Matter of fact, if this happened in your own community?

These things happen! We never know when a person would snap. The family of the suspect tells the junk food media that they never would have expected him to do something like that. They could fathom a young man doing something like this. His actions lead to the death of an innocent woman.

On top of that, he's going to bring the asshat Colin Flaherty back into the spotlight. He loves stories like this.

Black on White crime is sugar to conservatives and White extremists. They bemoan that the junk food media ignores stories like this because they want to drive a narrative that Blacks and Latinos aren't racist.

The extremists claim that the media is liberal and against conservatives and White people. They figure that the suspect (i.e. Black man) is an Obama supporter, the "bad guy and good guy with a gun" narrative.

Stuff like this already pop up on That Guy Who Throws Shit To The Wall's website. This stuff will link to the White extremists websites.

Flaherty is a White extremist who contributes to World Nut Daily. He wrote a book called White Girl Bleeds A Lot and he is chronicling every criminal incident in which a Black or Latino harms White people. Just this week an Alabama lawmaker said that White people are under attack.

Insurgency endorsed lawmaker Mo Brooks (R-AL) caused a firestorm earlier this week when he told Laura Ingraham that liberals and the Democratic Party wanted "OPEN SEASON" on Whites.

To make matters worse, this incident happened in the community where its residents aren't supportive of public transportation. They were aggressively against it because they believe it brought crime and riff raff to the community.

The crazed gunman was named John Crawford II. 
John Crawford killed in Walmart shooting
Crazed gunman was identified as John Crawford II of Fairfield, Ohio.
He was the one who was going around the store causing a panic in which it caused Beavercreek police officers to use deadly force. We are learning more about the officers, the victim and the suspect.

A woman who was there at the Walmart had died. She wasn't shot but apparently she was shocked and may of had a medical emergency. We here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to those lost in this senseless tragedy.

Beavercreek, Ohio is the controversial suburb of Dayton. Last year they were making so much noise about the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority coming out there. They claimed that the public transit would cause so much trouble for the Pentagon Boulevard region.

The residents were upset that Route 1 would land near The Mall at Fairfield Commons and other establishments. They believe that crime would come if the bus comes to town.

Somehow I don't think this person was on the bus when he started shooting in the Walmart.

The Associated Press reports that the Montgomery County coroner's office investigator Jim Fannin said Wednesday that the 22-year-old John Crawford was fatally shot at a Walmart in the Dayton suburb of Beavercreek on Tuesday night.

Fannin says a 37-year-old Angie Williams who was in the store at the time also died, but it was due to a medical condition. Nobody else was hurt.
Angela Williams (center in pink shirt and black vest) died after collapsing during a shooting incident at the Beavercreek Walmart.
Dayton Daily News and Associated Press released photo of a victim. Angela Williams passed away after having a medical shock and heart attack.
Beavercreek police say the man was shot at around 8 p.m. after waving a rifle-type weapon around inside the store. Officers shot him after he failed to comply with verbal orders. He died later at a hospital.

No names have been released.

Walmart spokeswoman Brook Buchanan says the company is working with police and may have a statement later Wednesday.

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