Monday, July 14, 2014

What The Media Isn't Tell You About The Israel-Palestine Conflict!

Doesn't look like he has a rocket launcher on his shoulder!

If the Gaza Strip had helicopters, tanks and hell fire missiles, then this would be a fair fight.

Israeli forces are attacking Hamas, a sanctioned terrorist group according to the United States and Israel.

In their fight against Hamas, too many innocent victims are being killed by Israeli military forces. This conflict isn't a fair fight. The people are targets. The Israeli defense ministry and junk food media keeps saying the Hamas fighters are hiding in areas where people reside.

Yeah fucking right!

Israeli forces don't care where the bomb drops. As long as it hits something, they call it a "success".

What will a rocket launcher do?

It has the capability to kill some people. But what would a helicopter, a bunch of missiles, and a few tanks do?

Kill more people.

Now what the media isn't tell you! The causalities of many Palestine citizens.

The far right government led by Benjamin Netanyahu has created this narrative that Hamas is the aggressor.

But what the media isn't telling you is that Israelis have attacked Palestine citizens since 2013. They continue to build those settlements despite the United States cries to cease.

The American conservative agitators pledge more allegiance to a foreign leader than President Barack Obama. They have no respect for their own country let alone Israel. They see greed, hate and a blind eye when they criticize Hamas.
Doesn't look like a terrorist!
Yeah, Hamas is a conservative Sunni Muslim sect. They have radical extremists. No different than those Christian Identify folks who want to attack abortion clinics with firebombs. Those Baptists preachers who roll in big bucks to see those in the LGBT community never get a marriage license. Those self righteous televangelist who profit off the sermon and live in homes that span for acres and living like a luxury god. Oh don't get me started on the Catholic church. A bunch of Peter Pedos and Pervs in the cathedral.

Netanyahu belongs to the conservative Likid Party. A bunch of radical extremists and war chickens.

The far right leaders such as Vladimir Putin and Netanyahu have plotted for decades to secretly eradicate minority states. They are hatemongers and war chickens. They want to flex their tiny muscle at the expense of millions of people.

The West Bank and the Gaza Strip are dispute territory. All these people ask for is their own right as a country. Israel doesn't see that as appropriate.

That's probably why we see this event unfold in the world. All over Holy Land.

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