Friday, July 25, 2014

If I Criticize Israel, Then I'm What?

If criticizing the killing innocent civilians by Israel anti-Semitic, then what is an unjustifiable killing?

Israel is mounting another assault on Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Despite their efforts, the causalities of the innocent are growing and the Israelis are trying to place the blame solely on Hamas. Many internationally are getting tired of the excuses. They want to lay the hammer on Israel but one thing keeps them from doing it.

U.S., the United States of America.


My personal thoughts on this: The Israelis attacks on the Gaza Strip are WAR CRIMES.

They killed many innocent people at a United Nation's sanctioned public school. The Israeli military claims that it wasn't the fault of them, but Hamas launching a rocket that richocetted into the building.


There's a riot in the West Bank and the Israeli forces ended up shooting three protesters. The protest are in regards to the heartless killings of schoolchildren seeking shelter.

For the fact that 500 Palestinians died in this one sided war against a political faction that they deem as a terrorist group is bullshit. Hamas was elected by the people of the Gaza Strip.

The Hamas governance believes that Israel is an oppressor and must be defeated. Hamas is conservative Sunni Islamic political organization.

The United States gives military aid to Israel. The Israeli government has a missile shield, nuclear weapons, a political campaign to paint themselves as the "victims" and a junk food media willing to aid their propaganda.

The Likud Party is the Tea Party of Israel. They've been in power for decades. They elected right wing leaders who run to the American junk food media with this notion that Israel is under attack and we must aid the country no matter what.

It seems like in a fight against an enemy, both sides would have the ammunition to destroy one another, then this would be a fair fight.

But like GOP Sundays, there's 3:1 ratio for Israelis. The junk food media is pro-Israel.

Our president, the Secretary of State John Kerry, the Republican Party, the Democratic Party and the American Jewish community believe that Israel "has the right" to defend their land. They have the "right to exist" and its up to Hamas to end the attacks.

But the problem with this is that Hamas is willing to end the conflict. They want to end it. But the reasons why they can't is because Israel continues to built settlements despite the United States and its allies warning the country not to. The Israeli government continue to block aid packages and medicine to the Gaza Strip and West Bank. They continue to tell this lie that Hamas hides in areas where women and children reside.

Yeah, right.

I am getting tired of this excuse. Hamas fighters would rather fight the Israelis in the streets instead of behind families.

Okay, here's where I believe they're wrong.

The Likud government is a far right government. They have such utter hatred of Blacks, Arabs and those who aren't like them. They strongly emphasize a national security policy based on a strong military force when threatened with continued enmity against Israel. It has shown reluctance to negotiate with its neighbors whom it believes continue to seek the destruction of the Jewish state. Its suspicion of Arab intentions, however, has not prevented the party from it from reaching agreements with the Arabs, such as the 1979 peace treaty with Egypt. Likud will never trust a mutually accepted agreements with the Arab world.

They believe in their minds, being the strongest is beneficial and weakness is not an option. Diplomacy with leaders who are conservative help their cause. Those they deem not of their level are often mocked and ignored.

See our president, Barack Obama has a somewhat testy relationship with right wing leaders.

Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation, Stephen Harper of Canada, Angela Murkel of Germany, David Cameron of the United Kingdom,  Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea are politically right wing leaders.

These American conservative agitators support these leaders vehemently cause of their policies.

Over the years the rejection of peace talks often associates to the stubbornness of Israeli right-wing parties.

Far too long, I've been ignoring the conflict in the Middle East. I strongly believe that the United States shouldn't be involved as the world's police man. The U.S. should only aid a country in the time of a crisis (i.e. food and medical outbreak).

We shouldn't supply any country with weapons of mass destruction. What gives us the right to have nuclear weapons when countries like Iran, Syria and North Korea are barred from using them?

The UN threatened to sanction Israel for war crimes.

The United States have been participant in blocking any vote. The U.S. for the time being still believes that Hamas started the fight and Israel must take steps to end it.

The urging of ceasefire by Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary General Ban Ki Moon is being ignored by both parties.

My thoughts on this situation is pretty simple.

Give Palestine the right to become a nation. The United States need to cut off the weapons to Israel.

Have each leader sit at the table in Geneva and offer a comprehensive truce.

If that fails, then charge Israeli leaders and military officers for war crimes at the Hague.

I'm against the attack of the Gaza Strip. There's nothing anti-Semitic about bombing civilian targets.

If Hamas had the power that Israel has, then I would have been more supportive. But if this lump sided fight was fair, then you could have convince me.

So as I allow my freedom of speech roll down these pages, I patiently wait for the first anonymous comment to come onto the pages of Journal de la Reyna.

What's your thoughts on the situation over in the Middle East?  

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