Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mourning Blues!

Kingdom come.

Good readers of Journal de la Reyna, I want to announce I had a death in the family. My grandmother Lyvert has passed away.

As the family gather to for their rites and somber, we all want to know that my grandmother live a great life

It's hard and I'm soaking with emotional distress.

I can't shed tears like my mom, dad and sister. I am deeply sadden by this and will show my sorrows tonight for the passing of my grandma.

Like it hits close to home when you lose a family member. Yes, it does hurt alot.

But we'll be alright. We all know that she cared for us and loved us dearly.

Just seven months ago, my other grandmother Gladis passed peacefully away in December after my mother and sister were called on an errand run. They came to her home and saw that she had no pulse and her lips were cold.

We buried her on December 15, 2013. She passed away on December 7, two years since the death of Levi Barrett, my former best friend's youngest son.

My grandmother Levert just celebrated her birthday just a week ago. Around that time, she was in the hospital for pneumonia and it took its toll.

On behalf of me, I want to thank all of you for reading my post. I will continue to post as long as I am alive.

I will keep my grandmothers in spirit and my family a little bit closer.

I will post my thoughts about my family and the former best friends in a honest and yes truthful post.

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S Baldwin said...

My sympathies goes out to your family, Lilvoka. May your grandmother rests in peace.



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