Friday, June 13, 2014

KFC: Take That Little Girl Out Of Our Establishment!

Victoria Wilcher was a victim of a dog attack. She suffers even more horrors as she goes with her family to one of America's fast food giants.

The fast food giant is doing damage control after one of its restaurants chased off a young child. The restaurant employees were so rude to a mother and her child, this managed to bring up a major controversy.

Victoria Wilcher is a toddler who was severely injured by a pitbull. She suffered a broken jaw, the loss of her right eye and permanent facial scars.

The 3-year old and her mother were eating at Jackson, MS area KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).

Apparently the manager and some employees told the mother and child to leave cause her injures were scaring the customers.

Now the mother went to the junk food media to shame these employees out of the restaurants.

The Jackson Clarion-Ledger reports that Victoria's Victories page page follows the medical updates for Victoria Wilcher.

The girl's photo shows Victoria bearing the facial scars of an April pit bull attack, and an eyepatch with a cartoon girl's face.

Some KFC locations closed in America. 
KFC spokesman Rick Maynard said by email, "KFC launched an investigation as soon as we were made aware of this report. We take this very seriously, as we have zero tolerance for any kind of hurtful or disrespectful actions toward our guests. Our investigation is ongoing, but we will make things right for this beautiful little girl and her family, and will work with the franchisee to take appropriate action at the restaurant."

And KFC @kfc tweeted this reply to a Clarion-Ledger staffer, "We are working hard to make this right for the family. We do not tolerate the behavior that happened in our restaurant."

On the Facebook thread earlier KFC posted, "KFC Please accept our sincere apologies while we try to investigate this incident," asked for more details and said the company has zero tolerance for any kind of disrespectful behavior by team members. "Once we have further details, we will immediately investigate this and take action, and we wish nothing but the best for Victoria in her recovery."

A Facebook status report say Victoria suffered a broken upper and lower jaw, broken nose, cheek bones and right eye socket and lost her right eye from the attack. Her bottom jaw has been reconstructed and additional surgeries await. The family is struggling financially; the Facebook report asks for prayers and support.

In the attack in Simpson County, the child had been dragged from her grandfather's mobile home by three pit bulls and had bite marks all over her body. The dogs were put down immediately.

The thread has been shared by about 900 readers, prompting many to respond with support of the girl or outrage at the restaurant. The thread said the incident happened at a KFC on State Street, but there isn't currently a Jackson KFC with that address. One on Meadowbrook is close to State Street.

"Beautiful little girl. She is welcome to dine at my table anytime," Leslie Reeves posted on the thread.

Janet Way Walker posted, "This is beyond cruel."

In the lastest posting Victoria's Victories says KFC has reached out for more information thanks to the overwhelming support for Victoria.

We here at Journal de la Reyna wish Victoria a speedy recovery.

She is a beautiful toddler. Hope this situation will be resolved. No person regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality, disability. political or economic standing should be discriminated.

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