Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dayton Bus Driver "Saved" By The Bible Under Fire For Making The Whole Thing Up!

Story falling apart for the "hero" bus driver.

Well I don't like to say to the world that I've told you so, but damn it I told you so!

I wondering if that racial asshat Colin Flaherty will recant that story about Black thugs. After all he's way obsessed with this Black on White crime narrative that drove him to Loserville and far right blogs.

Earlier this year, a Greater Dayton RTA bus driver was shot three times and stabbed once by three Black assailants.

These three assailants were trying to do a gang initiation. They were hunting for polar bears. He happen to be a polar bear.

The RTA bus driver survived on the skin of his teeth. He had a bible in his pocket. After all he was shot in the chest.

Today, the news broke that Rickey Waggoner's story is "unfounded". What does that mean?

It means that fucktard lied and will likely be charged with filing a misleading police report. The former RTA bus driver's story didn't constrain with the injuries.

The Dayton Daily News reports that Dayton police said in a press conference today that the case into a RTA bus driver who said he was shot and stabbed by three assailants is being closed as unfounded, meaning the case was not found to be factual as reported by the victim.
Somehow those Black assailants managed to shoot Waggoner in the foot. This fucktard's story about Black thugs is falling apart..
In the Feb. 24 incident, RTA bus driver Rickey Wagoner told police he was shot and stabbed in the 1900 block of Lakeview Avenue, while standing outside of his electric-powered trolley bus investigating why it lost power.

Police said Wagoner’s injuries were not consistent with defensive wounds, but were consistent with hesitation wounds. Wagoner told police he heard one of the suspects tell another to kill him “if you want to be all the way in the club” and that they were there to “shoot a polar bear” — street lingo for a white person.

Wagoner told investigators he believed the shooting might have been a gang initiation. Wagoner told police three shots were fired — one struck him in the right leg and two were fired into his chest. He told police he wrestled the gun away from the shooter, but he was stabbed by another in the left arm.

Wagoner was off the bus for a total of seven minutes and 20 seconds, and surveillance cameras did not capture any audio or video for the first five minutes. The sound of several shots fired were caught on surveillance. Dayton police Chief Richard Biehl said the gunshots were in reverse order of what one would expect in the situation that Wagoner described.

Two bullets were found lodged in a book titled, ““The Message,” which is a modern translation of the Bible that was inside Wagoner’s front pocket. Biehl said it’s “not credible” that bullets were fired into the book without penetrating the torso. Several ballistic tests were conducted using the same weapon and ammunition that were used in the incident. Biehl said bullets penetrated “The Message” during ballistic testing, but when the book was placed on asphalt, bullets did not penetrate the book.

The only DNA identified at the scene was of Wagoner’s, Biehl said.

In a surveillance video from inside the bus, Wagoner can be seen getting back onto the bus and driving it down the street after gunshots were heard. In the video, Wagoner tells an RTA dispatcher he’s been shot.

Biehl noted how Wagoner was not winded in the video, which is unexpected given that he had just “fought for his life” by his own admission and ran 200 to 300 feet.

Biehl said police have worked with the RTA to determine what could have caused the bus to lose power, and the reason cannot be explained or recreated.

The FBI also launched an investigation into the incident as a potential hate crime.

Wagoner is a ten-year veteran bus driver described by RTA as having an excellent work record. RTA released a statement today saying Wagoner has been charged with violations of RTA’s Employee Standards of Performance. He will receive an opportunity to present evidence in support of his position, as would any RTA employee, according to the release.

Charges have not been filed.

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