Friday, May 23, 2014

Julián Castro Raising The Stakes!

San Antonio mayor Julián Castro will be the pick for HUD. His brother Joaquin is a Democratic U.S. Congressman from Texas. 

Soon the San Antonio mayor will be a part of President Barack Obama's administration giving the junk food media more speculation that he may be a potential contender for White House.

The bid for the secretary of Housing and Urban Development is going to filled today.

Shaun Donovan will resign from this post today to be the nominee for the Office of Budget Management.

Julián Castro delivered the Democratic keynote speech in 2012 giving the junk food media a bone. His speech rings echos of then candidate for U.S. Senate Barack Obama's famed 2004 Democratic keynote speech.

Obama would win his bid for the U.S. Senate. Most media analysis knew that Obama was an early front runner for the White House. Although he kept it under wraps until 2007, the talk was growing. I knew from the jump that Barack Obama was the first serious Black contender for the White House.

I have this feeling again. I believe that Castro will be the best candidate for the Democratic nomination.

I really believe that Hillary Clinton is destined for failure. She's a well liked and also most talked about politician. She was a former First Lady, U.S. Senator and Secretary of State.

The two things that may sink her chances: Perennial candidate and she carries a lot of baggage.

Conservatives will whine Benghazi, Whitewater, Monica Lewinsky, age, and Bill Clinton every chance they get. They really are obsessed with Clinton and especially Obama.

I have a feeling that she'll be toying around the notion of running for president, but in reality she won't.

Castro being young, Hispanic and well-liked is the perfect choice for the Democrats.

Democrats have a growing Hispanic/Latino base. He seems to have the formula of President Barack Obama in connecting to young voters with the internet.

Republicans are hoping to appeal to the young voters. They figure that hip-hop Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida could pull in a few.

Castro will be mention frequently on Journal de la Reyna.

Obviously if he declares his intent to run, expect the attacks from the racist right to come.

First his last name will be compared to Fidel Castro. He's Hispanic, so once again the birth certificate rumors. Then they'll attack his brother, his wife and even his child. They will take shots at San Antonio.

The racist right will claim that Blacks and Latinos vote only on race instead of policies.

The racist right will do a Obama style NIGGERZATION on Castro.

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