Tuesday, April 01, 2014

The Unlikely Star Of A Viral Video Got Busted For Leaving Scene Of An Accident!

In suburban Tampa, a young woman whips out the camera on an aggressive driver. The aggressive driver closes in on her bumper. She speeds up to avoid him. As he cuts her off, he gives her the finger.

When he recaptures the lane, he jumps the divider and crashes into a streetlight.

"That's what you get," the woman says, laughing loudly. "All on video, buddy."

The video is called Redneck Road Rage Instant Karma. The young woman who refused to be named was going to share this with her friends on YouTube. 

Who know it would have went viral?

On top of that, her video helped identify the driver who apparently left the scene of the accident.

Florida State Patrol and Hillsborough County Sheriff will throw the book at this guy. 
Not so fast, Mr. White. The guy who got nationally shamed after he got into an accident after starting a road rage event.
The YouTube video has garnered millions of views since it was posted March 26 and now, WTSP reports, the man in the video, who police said is 33-year-old Jeffrey White, was arrested.

Cops said they used footage to get White's license plate number. He was charged with reckless driving, leaving the scene, and failure to wear a seatbelt.

Authorities didn't reprimand her for filming the incident instead of keeping all her attention on the road. Instead, she said to WTSP, they were thankful that the footage helped them collar the culprit.

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