Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Racist Right's War With Jay And Bey!

The right can't stand them. 
Since President Barack Obama was reelected on the power of the hip-hop community, the racist right has turned to those entertainers as the vile menace towards American values.

The folks over at Loserville, Bill-O (known as O'Loofus), King Hippo, That Guy Who Helped Obama Win, and That Guy Who Throw Shit To The Wall are prime examples of the divisive nonsense that fuels attacks upon the Black community.

Each of these agitators have found some way to attack the Carters for being, well entertainers and business moguls.

I've listened to the racist right outrage over their Grammy's duet.

I've listened to them talk about Jay-Z and his past days. The racist right not even considering that despite his troubled past, he managed to become one of the richest entertainers in history.

I've listened to them complain about Beyonce telling her fans to be "bold" and "bow down".

I've heard even three Republican lawmakers called upon an investigation into the couple going to Cuba.

They just don't like them.
A real power couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce.
The Black community has more support for the president/ The racist right can't understand why with all the economic woes troubling the Black community, they can't win "us" over. They can't figure out that even with a Black president, unemployment is high and "us Black folk" ignoring Republicans at the ballot box.

Could we be the prime examples of a screwed up generation?

Most conservatives believe that "us Black folk" bemoan about the president's race contributing to his low job approval. Obviously many Black Americans have this notion to believe that all the attacks on the president and the entertainers in the hip-hop community is solely on race.

Caution an angry O'Loofus is a coming!
We rally around the fact that for all the accomplishments by [the president and those in the Black community],  those in the racist right still look at us as NIGGERS!

The conservatives attack on Black celebrities for corrupting their innocent children. These entertainers open their children to progress. And the right can't stand it.

That's probably why you hear more name drops from the likes of King Hippo, O'Loofus or That Guy Who Helped Obama Win. They're jealous of their success.

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