Sunday, March 16, 2014

Drizzy And RiRi: Are They An Item?

Drake and Rihanna are an item.

It appears that RiRi and Drizzy are together again. Robyn Fentry and Aubrey Graham, professionally known as Rihanna and Drake are an item.

What sparked a huge hip-hop feud with rival entertainer Chris Brown was the rumors of Drake and Rihanna seeing each other.

Apparently the junk food media is really seeing chemistry between the two.

The media is telling that the two entertainers are hinting at marriage.

Of course we'll see how this goes!

Many Americans thought that being a domestic violence victim was going to change her to become more productive to the cause of victim's rights. Alas, that's not the case.

Every so often, I hear stories about Rihanna's boyfriends and lifestyle. The more I hear, the less I like about her personally.

The controversial pop singer and rapper have both been on a fling for quite sometime.

Even though RiRi and Drake have been going on romantic dates since October, neither ever gave an inch about their relationship, often leaving clubs and restaurants separately in an attempt to hide the love that was blossoming between them. So the fact that Drake didn’t hesitate to introduce Rihanna as his girlfriend to a stranger is huge! It really shows how serious he and Rihanna are now.

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