Thursday, March 13, 2014

ABC Sitcom May Offend The Asian-American Community!

Actor Hudson Yang plays a mock version of celebrity chef Eddie Huang in the upcoming ABC sitcom Far East Orlando. The sitcom is based off the book Fresh Off The Boat.

Since the days of actress/comedian Margaret Cho with her hit sitcom All-American Girl, the American Broadcasting Company decides to rehash another sitcom based off the life of an Asian American.

Celebrity hip-hop cook Eddie Huang's book Fresh Off The Boat is being spun into a 2014 sitcom.

Mediaite reports that ABC has called the show Far East Orlando.

The sitcom has pissed off Eddie Huang and many others in the Asian American community.

Huang born in Washington, DC but grew up in Orlando wrote Fresh Off The Boat to share his experiences growing up there.
Eddie Huang, hip-hop chef.
The tittle itself "FAR EAST" is pretty offensive to say at least.

The show isn't being taped in the gun crazy state of Florida.

It's being written by people who have no clue about the life of Eddie Huang.

ABC so far has no comment about the title but could we be hopeful that they change the tittle?

Huang went to Twitter to express outrage over the sitcom.

Any thoughts to this sitcom?


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Anonymous said...

What exactly is the "Asian-American community?"

"Asian-American" asserts that everything "Asian" is the same, which makes as much sense as saying "European-American", aka none at all. Just like in Europe Asia is full of different cultures and peoples.

There are, of course, similarities among them, like in Europe. In Europe the uniting factors are the Roman empire and Christianity. In Asia it's China, Buddhism and Confucianism. That is where it starts and ends.

Outside of that both continents feature plenty of diversity. Just look at the languages, cultures and national mentalities.

The family in "Fresh Off The Boat" is Taiwanese. That is very distinct. They're not Japanese, they're not Vietnamese, they're not Bangladeshi, Indian, Indonesian or Iranian. The blanket term "Asian-American" doesn't work.


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