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The Reasons For The Loss!

Lost this one!
Mitt Romney has suffered major setbacks in the months of August and September. October was the chance to break over the deficit. Along came a major catastrophe and hence forth a weaken Republican nominee.

November 6 has came and passed! If the election was in Mitt Romney's favor, why did he lose this one?

The Republican nominee has been under pressure to turn around his campaign. He did not listen to the critics. The critics urged him to have a plan. Alas, all Mitt Romney done was talk about how he is better than the president but never delivered a straightforward plan! Do whatever it takes to beat Barack Obama. He allowed the president to paint him as a plutocrat. A person who is too rich and too out of touch with the American people.

Mitt Romney now has a record. A record of losing!

Here's the main reasons to why Mitt Romney loss this election.

1) Rush Limbaugh: Remember the words uttered by the conservative agitator! "I HOPE HE FAILS!"

Now you have to think that from the insults and condescending attitude towards the president, one would have thought that Rush Limbaugh had a major influence in this election.

Well you know what that brought upon? Republican worship over this bloated asshole was beneficial! In 2010, Republicans took the House of Representatives. Limbaugh's acid tongue has finally taken a toll upon the nation. He trash talked a Georgetown University student activist Sandra Fluke. After Sandra Fluke became the vocal majority of women, President Barack Obama wins reelection. Rush Limbaugh, Congressman Todd Akin (R-Missouri) and Richard Mourdock played a major role in helping Democrats retain a majority in the senate. Playing the game of being an asshole hurts don't it?

2) Paul Ryan: The austerity budget plan didn't sell well! Mitt Romney still picked him as the running mate! The controversial congressman is likely to retain his seat in Wisconsin but he'll be a vocal minority now that he's out of the mainstream media.

Paul Ryan like John McCain could go back to the circuit and reflect on how it was being a part of the limelight.

While Ryan's gaffes weren't as polarizing as his boss Mitt Romney's, people looked at the photo op in which the vice presidential nominee went to a Youngstown, Ohio charity center to wash already clean dishes. That was one of the reasons why Mitt Romney loss this one.

3) Hurricane Sandy: The true test of leadership in a crisis came when President Barack Obama stopped campaigning to order all federal agencies to get emergency aid to the residents of hard hit New Jersey. The governor of the state, Republican Chris Christie embraced the president's steadfast response to the hurricane.

It shattered the argument that the president couldn't get along with Republicans over issues. Of course the president gets a boost when he's in charge and not Mitt Romney. All Romney could do is watch from the sidelines and then create a publicity stunt to make it seem like he really cares about the people of the state.

This was the October Surprise. The hurricane made it possible for President Barack Obama to win reelection.

The conservative media is really upset with Christie for his praise of the president. They claim that it's was the reason why Mitt Romney lost this election.

Of course ignoring everything else in the media and the constant attacks on the Black and Hispanic communities with intrusive and quite frankly racist laws against them.

4) 47% Remarks: Mother Jones released an amateur filmmaker's video of Mitt Romney slamming half of the national electorate. The devastating comments were released in September and became a rally cry for the president and his Democratic allies to paint the Republican as out of touch and too extreme. The comments had Mitt Romney with a deer in the headlights moment.

5) Chris Christie is a often floated potential nominee for 2016. After pleas from Fox News boss Roger Ailes to jump in the race for the sake of the party in 2011, the New Jersey governor wanted to keep out the limelight and focus on his state. The often brash and colorful Republican has been a nuisance to President Barack Obama. The governor said that the president wasn't tested as a leader. All that changed when Hurricane Sandy hit his state. While this is an ongoing issue with storm clean up, the Republican governor offered praised to the president for acting effectively to the crisis the state faced. While on Fox News, Steve Doocy tried to give Mitt Romney some credit for sending donations and asked the governor to have him tour the damaged area. Christie wasn't having none of that!

6) Obamacare (aka Romneycare): Many Democratic presidents tried and failed. It took one Barack Obama, the 44th President Of The United States to actually pass healthcare reform. The conservatives have tried spin the narrative that the president's healthcare reform was government overreach. They practically tried to repeal the whole law over 35 times. And this term alone Republican legislators and state officials have taken it to the U.S. Supreme Court. In June 2012, a bitterly fought battle was over and it took the infamous 5-4 decision to position the president's signature law valid.

Mitt Romney had made his election goal on day one to repeal the whole law.

When he was running for the nomination many Republicans felt that he was too moderate or liberal. Romney was held to the fire of being the godfather of the healthcare reform. Romney couldn't escape the notion that he's responsible for the president to push his legislation forward.

7) Sean Hannity: The controversial conservative agitator is solely responsible for helping Barack Obama winning his reelection as the current president. The Sean Hannity Show is a carnival of right wing agitation on television and radio.

You already know that Sean Hannity will say something totally negative about President Barack Obama. On his show, you'll have either Dick Morris, Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Brent Bozell, Jesse Lee Peterson, and Pat Buchanan saying even more outrageous things about the president and Hannity sits there agreeing with it.

Even though, he's spent his entire four years brainwashing his gullible audience into believing half of the crap he's telling them, its seems like the final days of the election could be a nail biter to say at least.

This year alone, Hannity has tried the race card, the emotional card, the fear card and the denial card!

Hannity's losing his mind and yet still gets a paycheck for doing so!

He needs Barack Obama to keep his ratings up. He needs the president to stay relevant. Because I bet you, if we elect a boring guy like Mitt Romney, I'll bet you that Fox News will lose 12% of its ratings.

8) Newt Gingrich: Former House Speaker and presidential candidate has taken to task one of the most hardest foes of this election. Newt Gingrich once warned the Republicans that "you can't buy an election" with all these attacks! He found out that his ill fated journey from the bottom to the top was a fight!

When he was severely damaged by his own mishaps, he bounced back! The rise and fall of Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Herman Cain had put Gingrich back into the forefront. Once he gotten a slight lead in the national polls against the other candidates, Mitt Romney went hard on him.

Aided by The Drudge Report, Fox News and CNN, the numerous questions about his tenure as Speaker of The House, his extramarital affairs and his close ties to political foe Nancy Pelosi, a Speaker herself, Gingrich found himself under attack from not only Mitt Romney but those he felt he could trust to give him a fair deal.

Gingrich got heated. He vowed to ruin the Romney momentum. When Gingrich ran nearly out of money he turned to the big time casino owners to put money into the race. He released one of the most hard hitting ads against Romney.

9) Rick Santorum: Once thought of as the guy nobody wanted to pick, the former Pennsylvania senator became the last known anti-Romney candidate. Trailing in the polls, most thought that Rick Santorum was just another second tier candidate who just wanted free publicity. He got his clocked cleaned in the 2006 election in which Bob Casey beat him like a drum.

Santorum stayed the course. He claimed that his victory in Iowa (after a lengthy recount) was due to his strategy of going from county to county in a beat up pick up truck.

Many conservative and Evangelical leaders saw that Santorum was the best candidate to run against Barack Obama. The establishment didn't think so! The Drudge Report, Fox News and CNN once again came to the defense of Mitt Romney. They published stories about Rick Santorum being a member of the earmark circus and talked about one of his youngest daughter's life threatening disease. They even took a picture of the candidate with a man boobs sunbathing in Puerto Rico after a contentious fight for primary delegates. They also caught him dogging Black people on tape at an event townhall.

Rick Santorum lashed out at Mitt Romney and The Drudge Report for being watercolors to Barack Obama's reelection campaign. And like Gingrich, Santorum wanted to derail Mitt Romney.

Santorum managed to carry about a 1/3 of the delegates at the time of allocation and carried a handful of states. It didn't help him clinch the nomination.

He dropped out and eventually endorsed Mitt Romney as the nominee for the Republican ticket.

Donald Trump and others contributed to the birther movement.
10) Donald Trump/Alex Jones/Orly Taitz/Dinesh D'Souza: Not much I would love to say about these guys, but it's been proven that these gadflies were part of the birther crowd.

The birth certificate controversy was an ongoing issue and it's been the biggest distraction this election.

The birther craze managed to worm its way into the Romney campaign.

Mitt Romney released his birth certificate to prove that he's an American born. Some critics were drawing a conspiracy towards his father being born in Mexico for a reason.

But the fact that Mitt Romney would cater to this crowd was a severely dumb move.

Donald Trump proven to be one of most disastrous endorsements yet.

Dinesh D'Souza promoted his blockbuster movie 2016: Obama's America. It was widely panned by most historians as being factually inaccurate. It didn't stop him from promoting the movie at theaters under the whim of conservative talk radio, Fox News and later some cable companies.

Orly Taitz, is a vexatious litigant for her ongoing crusade to sue the president in federal court. She was fined a hefty sum after she tried to hand the federal judge a doctored birth certificate. This issue continues with her to this day.

Alex Jones (like Matt Drudge) has a tendency to conjure up stories about rioting in the streets if the president doesn't win reelection. Aided by Breitbart writer Joel Pollack, they concluded that Blacks will kill White people as vengeance if President Barack Obama wins.

Not one of these individuals were denounced by the Romney campaign.

11) House and Senate GOP: It's fair to say that President Barack Obama and Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky), aren't the best of friends! The minority leader of the Republican Party stated, "Our goal is to make sure that Barack Obama serve only one term!" This became a gateway to partisan gridlock. At the verge of an economic disaster, the Republican House of Representatives passed vanity laws like repealing Obamacare and Paul Ryan's austerity budget for the sake of playing dirty politics. They're two feet in the manure over tax increases on the high earners.
Speaker of the House, John Boehner (R-Ohio)
Like spending over $2 billion in political ads isn't enough?

The Republicans have won the House of Representatives after the a massive sweep of Democrats in 2010.

With the governors becoming Republican, that gave them the redistricting lines. Democrats face an uphill climb in these new districts. A Republican has an easier chance to beat a Democrat with these new Congressional boundaries and it's going to be like that for the next ten years.

The Republican House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio is the biggest wuss out there. He was kind of reluctant to Mitt Romney after pleas from other members to endorse Rick Santorum.

Republicans maintain a healthy majority in the House. But what could the dysfunction of Congress do come January 2013.

12) GOP State Governors and Legislators: They tried and failed. It's was an epic failure among the Republican led states. They've tried in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Maine, Virginia, Florida and Texas. The restrictions to a woman's body was the first thing they've tried to do! They push legislation to restrict and drop funding for Planned Parenthood.

Florida governor Rick Scott, Republican.
The Republican governor Jan Brewer of Arizona and many other states wanted to pass their own immigration enforcement laws. That went to court and it was struck down by the Supreme Court. That angered the fastest growing minority group in America, Hispanics! Young Hispanic voters weren't pleased.

Then they wanted to tinker with the safety net, by cutting back state funds for food assistance and housing aid. They wanted to pass legislation that required drug testing for applicants. Texas governor Rick Perry, Florida governor Rick Scott, Indiana governor Mitch Daniels, Iowa governor Terry Branstad, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, Michigan governor Rick Snyder Maine governor Paul LePage and Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett wanted to make intrusive laws that prevented minorities and the poor from getting benefits. That failed. Some of these laws are being contested in federal court.

They wanted to curb early voting. In Florida, Rick Scott, the governor signed legislation to cut back early voting to eight days.

The Republican governor John Kasich of Ohio tried to pull some dirty work on the voters of his state. The governor signed a law that eliminated early voting for the last three days of an election.

Secretary of State of Ohio, Jon Husted wanted to eliminate early voting three days before the election. He wanted only military officials and those overseas to have an opportunity. The president took that issue to the Supreme Court and had them throw out the law.

When Republicans picked up swing states, they anticipated on the president's strongest supporters to sit this election out like they did in 2010. They tried to make stop minorities (Black and Hispanic) voters from turning out to vote. They thought wrong!

All but Indiana and North Carolina went to the president. The president's landslide gave Republican governors a warning! Hopefully they take notice that their seats are up for grabs come next election.

North Carolina elected a Republican governor to take helm in 2013.
Drudge actively rooted for Mitt Romney to win the U.S. presidency.
13) The Drudge Report: Most of the news stories that are linked through the Drudge Report attracts some of the most extreme members of society.

No matter how the story is found, a Drudge imprint is a buzz worthy story for him. He takes pride in his work.

Despite many who feel his impact isn't going to sway the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election, Drudge ignores his critics and keeps his fingers crossed. Drudge is hoping he'll activate his infamous siren for a juicy scandal involving the president.

Drudge openly endorses stories that appeal to White supremacists, radical Christian fundamentalists, and ill-informed conservatives who all have a bone to pick against President Barack Obama. Those ill-informed conservatives are usually the birthers who refuse to believe the president's citizenship or hostile conservatives who believe the President Barack Obama is a Communist.

Some conservatives think the president is an idiot. Of course, these are the people who couldn't finish a complete sentence. Conservatives can thank Drudge when he finds pictures of President Barack Obama and use them in negative light.

All of these splashes didn't help Mitt Romney! 

It was the NIGGERIZATION of President Barack Obama. Matt Drudge continues with deranged conservative individuals who take this smear campaign against the first Black president a little too far!

14) Fox News: The network of Mitt Romney and the Republican Party. Look at how Karl Rove responds to the notion of the president winning Ohio.

You got to admit they're looking for four more years of agitating controversies. President Barack Obama has a testy relationship with the conservative-leaning network. The Republicans turn to the network for advice from the likes of Rove, his boss Roger Ailes and even a few soundbites from Sarah Palin. The network comes forth with Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteren, Bill O'Reilly and others attacking the president with phony controversies such as the New Black Panthers and Obama phones! This network contributed to Mitt Romney's lost. Roger Ailes signed another four years. Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly signed on another four years. And it's likely in the next four years more agitation but less talk about trying to defeat a already term-limited President Barack Obama.

15) Tea Party: A bunch of bigots who rose to fame after the president was sworn in. The president had managed to beat back a force of pure ignorance and hate. The Tea Party lost some heads this election, two in particular are Congressmen Allen West and Joe Walsh.
The Tea Party's impact didn't stop President Barack Obama from winning!
The Tea Party extremist views may help Ted Cruz win but it kept Rick Berg, Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock and Josh Mandel from winning their bids for the U.S. Senate. It's best to say that the Tea Party movement is over like Occupy Wall Street. The grassroots influence is tainted with corporations and media figures now!

The establishment Republicans beat back a political force. They got Mitt Romney as their sacrificial goat.

Things that portrayed a "NIGGERIZATION" of the first Black president. Spawned by online activism and borrowed from Congressman Ron Paul's (R-Texas) supporters came the Tea Party movement. The first massive Tea Party movement started in April 2009 and was sponsored by the conservative Fox News Channel and its then lead agitator Glenn Beck.

Signs were aplenty and controversy was there. From comparisons to Hitler to pictures with bones in President Barack Obama's nose, the Tea Party was dubbed by its foes as the last remnants of racism in the modern history. While the Tea Party roundly dismissed this, they've brought on Black, Hispanic, Asian and even gay activists who were supporters of the Tea Party. They were the stooges to a growing movement in a sea of White faces.
Don't Tread On Me...
The Tea Party is hardly mentioned. The signs and protest are gone. Sarah Palin is barely mentioned in the news. It seems like even forefront members like Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas), Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota), Glenn Beck, Herman Cain, Dick Armey, Christine O'Donnell, and even Fox News were caught off guard by this. They were beaten by the Establishment.

The Establishment (or moderate Republicans) were the thorn in the Tea Party. The moderates were willing to help President Barack Obama when it came to major legislation. The Tea Party wants none of that.

Now this 113th Congress continues as the House is dominated by Republicans and the Senate dominated by the Democrats. Some of the same old faces continue to be thorns in the president's skin. The president had made it clear that he's no longer tolerating obstruction. The Tea Party is not going to be a threat to the president.
The chair scene was panned by the media and it hurt Mitt Romney and Clint Eastwood.
16) Clint Eastwood: Talking to an empty chair was probably one of the famed actor's best moments in history. But it overshadowed Mitt Romney and it's was complete disaster! You put a legendary actor in the limelight and let him talk his head off about practically nothing! It's not a best move for Mitt Romney. But you got to admit that was funny and likely one memorable moment in political history.

17) Being Perennial. Like John McCain and Ron Paul, the American public isn't into you! It should be a requirement among the political candidates running in 2016! If you couldn't beat the previous nominee of a political party, what makes you think you can a viable nominee in the general election?

Mitt Romney joins John McCain, Alan Keyes, Ron Paul and Ross Perot as perennial losers candidates who failed at winning the nomination and now the presidency.

The only modern day politician who was elected president who won out of Massachusetts was John F. Kennedy. He was the last president to have the highest job approval by far.

18) Gaffes: The complete gaffes from Midweek Politics.

19) Weak Field: Seriously, you had the worst bunch of candidates to ever run for a Republican nomination. The fact that they've put ahead perennials like Mitt Romney and Ron Paul (two candidates who lost to John McCain in 2008) was the first problem. A bunch of morons and nit wits such as Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain for a little bit of comic relief. Then add a few washed up politicians like Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Tim Pawlenty. A few reasonable moments with former ambassador to Obama, Jon Huntsman. Lastly, you have the never heard ofs! Gary Johnson, Buddy Roemer, Fred Karger and the Rent Is To Damn High guy would have made it a real comedy cabal.

20) Lack Of Foreign Relation Skills: Most of the Republicans who ran for president lacked foreign policy experience. These candidates were caught off guard by President Barack Obama's order to have Osama bin Laden taken out. The news of the killing of bin Laden spread fast. It automatically deflated the Republicans argument over the president's handling of terrorism. They were planning to run on this issue!
Mitt Romney was the weakest member when it came to foreign policy!

When Mitt Romney went overseas to meet with conservative leaders, he messed up!

In the United Kingdom, he criticized the Brits for their handling of the Summer Olympics. Then he blurred out the foreign spy agency M-16 during his conference with Prime Minister David Cameron. He also went as a far to forget the names of political leaders in the opposition party.

When he went over to Israel, he went on to criticize the president for failing to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Many felt that he's disrespected the moral code of not criticizing the president while overseas. He also stated that Israel had the natural rights to Jerusalem, with inflamed the Palestine government whose long fought for international sovereignty.

In Poland, he declared that Russia was a bigger enemy than the foreign terrorist group al-Qaeda. That also went off with many hitches.

Mitt Romney licked his chops after news broke that an United States consulate was under attack by foreign forces. Inspired by an American movie, the terrorists involved slipped through a protest and ended up killing the Libyan ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other men. While this was an ongoing investigation, Republicans urged Mitt Romney to take down the president with this issue.

During the presidential second debate, Mitt Romney went on a tirade about the president not mentioning "terror" for two weeks. President Barack Obama shot back stating that on the next day he summoned Hillary Clinton back to the White House so he could do a Rose Garden address stating the latest information about the attack. He mentioned terrorism. When conservatives were complaining that the president took more time to campaign, the president's campaign staff released photos of him standing over watching the coffins of those killed at Andrews Air Force Base.

Mitt Romney rush to judgement in foreign affairs made him out to be a trigger happy warmonger. That hurt his image badly!

21) Ronald Reagan. It's about time for the conservatives to retire The Gipper. The ongoing obsession for Ronald Wilson Reagan, the 40th President of The United States is frequent among the Republican Party faithful. The only modern day Republican since Nixon who managed to win a landslide election.

22) John McCain. The video that told it all.

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