Friday, November 02, 2012

Sean Hannity: Obama Parties While Jersey Sinks!

Hannity: The Republican Party's go-to guy!
The right wing media is upset that rising star New Jersey Republican governor Chris Christie praised the president on his handling of the disaster of Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy. The conservative media is in full desperation. Not only attacking the president, but the governor and others for making the story about a hurricane and not the September 11, 2012 tragedy in Libya.

Matt Drudge splashes President Barack Obama next to a photo of Americans eating food out of a dumpster.

And yet, the president gets 79% of American support (via ABC News/Washington Post poll) for his handling of this tragic hurricane.

Fox News devoted most of their time to unraveling the scandal in Libya. Although it's a real story, the network overreached its hand and most of the other media are not interested or haven't obtain enough facts to cover it! So what's Fox News left with? It's mainly focused on conspiracy theories to the embassy attacks and not the hurricane for ratings.

Sean Hannity is by far the only man who is likely to help President Barack Obama win reelection. He is desperately trying to help Mitt Romney win. And when there's no scandal, Hannity makes up one.

Even though, he's spent his entire four years brainwashing his gullible audience into believing half of the crap he's telling them, its seems like the final days of the election could be a nail biter to say at least.

This year alone, Hannity has tried the race card, the emotional card, the fear card and the denial card!

Hannity's losing his mind and yet still gets a paycheck for doing so!

I am pretty confident that President Barack Obama will win reelection, but I am quite nervous still about the outcome of my home state of Ohio.

Republicans are going to play games here in this state. The world will be watching how this state swings for either embattled President Barack Obama or perennial Mitt Romney.

Now onto to the matters at hand.

Sean Hannity invites Rush Limbaugh's little brother David and former Hillary Clinton campaign aide Joe Trippi on to discuss issues with polls and Hurricane Sandy.

Hannity chants off the gas rationing, people eating out of dumpsters and fights at hospitals theme courtesy of The Drudge Report. Hannity is trying to spin the notion that President Barack Obama doesn't care about the people affected by the hurricane.
Matt Drudge splashes images of people dumpster diving for food!
Hannity ignores the massive response by the federal government and state leaders to help find and rescue those who were stranded or incapable of getting onto higher ground.

The massive damage in New York, New Jersey and many other states has probably topped $10 billion or higher.

Sean Hannity barely mentions this disaster! The only time he does is when he finds some phony outrage to why the president is campaigning instead of staying in New York or even Washington.

Once again telling you that no matter what President Barack Obama does, people like this Sean Hannity will find some outrage with it! Besides slamming the governor for shaking hands with the president, Hannity makes the case to give props to Christie, yet a pause to why he could of had Mitt Romney tour damages instead of the president.

Mitt Romney's little "public relations" nightmare gotten worse when it was revealed that his Ohio campaign staff bought supplies from Walmart in order to make it look like they've gotten a bigger haul of donations.

Some members of the crowd didn't have donations. The campaign team offered them cans in order to shake hands with the nominee. Mitt Romney, once former governor and perennial candidate for president.

Dear god, please end this election. It's only a few days away and our American politicos on the right are slowly twisting themselves in pretzels hoping that they defeat an enemy they've grown accustomed to in the past four years. Give President Barack Obama a destined second term to finish the mess caused by the culture warriors in the Republican Party. Help the president give good ratings for each conservative agitator in the American media! Help them sell many more books and promotion tours in the next four years.

Let Rush Limbaugh whim Barack Hussein Obama, mmmm....

Let Sean Hannity call the president the "anointed one!"

Let Glenn Beck get his chalkboard of theories to say that the president dictated by Castro, Putin, Lenin or Stalin!

Let Ann Coulter call the president a retard or the next version of Flavor Flav!

Let Michelle Malkin go to the internet boards saying the president is either BO or totalitarian!

Let Alex Jones sell survivor kits for the FEMA Death Camps that the "fictional Obama" Nazi government plans on shipping patriots in!

Let Matt Drudge spread another picture of the president eating a chicken wing!

Let Sarah Palin toss another word salad of how she's a much better leader than the president.

Let Fox News run countless stories about Libya, Fast & Furious, Secret Service prostitutes, Obamacare and the president overstepping law.

Let Donald Trump continue his crusade to demand the president to show his birth certificate or his college transcripts.

Let Neal Boortz retire on the whim of calling supporters of the president a bunch of dependents who worship the alter of a big government liberal.

Let Michael Savage rant and rave about how the president is a terrorist or a descendant to Islamic duration.

Let Bill O'Reilly call the president's important statements to the nation another boring event!

Let their freedom of speech continue to reign everyday.

And as they complain and whine, the world beneath them slips away and the country moves forward.

They'll eventually die off paving the way for a new generation of conservative agitators willing to pick up a microphone, camera, or even a keyboard! These new breeds will scream the devil while collecting their paychecks.

Because without President Barack Obama, these guys would be even less relevant.

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