Friday, November 30, 2012

Perennial Loser Romney Continues To Anchor GOP!

Snack: Mitt Romney was seen ordering a McFlurry milkshake at a branch of McDonald'sIt was reported that the perennial loser Mitt Romney was at McDonald's before he decided to head to the White House for his lunch with President Barack Obama.

The Drudge Report is splashing a story about Congress looking to do away with the $1 and $2 bills.

The talk of the fiscal cliff is still an ongoing issue and Republicans aren't going to support the president's plan.

The Republicans are two feet in the manure over taxing the rich. They rather cut Medicare and entitlements.

The president is getting frustrated with the constant gridlock.

Republicans continue their NIGGERIZATION of President Barack Obama and his United Nations ambassador Susan Rice, a potential successor to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Republicans, get this through your thick heads!

You're losing! Big time!

The Blacks, Hispanics and women are trending towards the Democratic Party at a faster rate!

While you fools are stuck on this notion that the Democratic Party is catered to dependency, victimization, and other social norms, the political party is building a ground game of newly registered voters.

The young voters are more liberal! They're accepting gay marriage as a normal theme of life. They believe in government assistance in college loans, birth control and loans to start small businesses. They tend to be more into technology and believe in evolution. They believe in global warming. They are learning second languages to compete in a browner nation.

Blacks and Hispanics are criticized as "thugs" and "illegals" among your Republican fateful. The conservative wing of the Republican Party is trending towards extremism.

The American public wants the rich to pay more in taxes. You may not agree with it, but it's what the majority wants. If you're so invested in smaller government and the like, how about losing your pension, healthcare and your yearly pay as an elected leader.

With all these attempts to gain political power, Republicans maneuvering gerrymandering in political districts to field out moderates and legislators who refuse to toll the party line.

When you Republicans picked Mitt Romney, a rich old man as your presidential nominee, you've sealed your deal as a party for the people!

When Republicans have this ongoing obsession to defeat the president, slash funding for every safety net to help the middle class, the public will eventually reject it and send these fools packing.

Are you getting frustrated with Republicans?

I hope you are!

Because these guys are lining themselves for political defeat in 2014 and 2016.

I promise you this, that the president isn't done with getting his grassroots campaign. He wants to avoid the mistakes of the 2010 Midterm Election.

Now that he's boxed the Republicans in the tax fight, it's now up to the political party itself to get the ball moving.

Cause if the United States goes over the fiscal cliff, it's going to fall on the Republicans.

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