Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hannity Fires Shots At Jamie Foxx!

Jamie Foxx attracts conservative ire! He praises President Barack Obama as "our lord and savior" and they're upset over this. Seriously, the conservatives are outraged over this!
Sean Hannity can't get over the fact President Barack Obama won reelection. He can't get over it!

Still upset over the president's trouncing of perennial loser Mitt Romney. Sean Hannity and many other conservatives go to The Drudge Report and Newsbusters to find media bias in the mainstream media. What got the conservative agitator's attention was one celebrity praising the president.

Sean Hannity is an Obama obsessed agitator.
"The Obama loving mainstream media", screams Sean Hannity.

Sean Hannity has a panel of White people discuss Oscar award winning actor Jamie Foxx's performance at the Soul Train Music Awards.

Foxx (born Eric Marlon Bishop) is a comedian, singer, talk radio host and producer. The entertainer broke into the national scene as a sketch player in the 1990s comedy show In Living Color.

Foxx hosted the Soul Train Music Awards and made the statement that President Barack Obama was "our lord and savior" and the conservative media went ablaze over it!

Still upset over Blacks turning out in higher numbers, Republican legislators want to eliminate early voting and strip safety nets such as food stamps, welfare and unemployment benefits. White conservatives believe that Blacks are dependent on government and scream that liberal establishments are racists! It's the reasons why people like Newt Gingrich saying "[President Barack Obama] is the most successful food stamp president!"

Sean Hannity wasted a portion of his show to discuss this!

Paul Mercurio and Mary Walter were brought on Hannity's carnival of right wing agitation.

Mediaite reports that Sean Hannity was deeply disturbed by Foxx’s comments, calling them a “reminder of how obsessed left-wing celebrities BLACKS really are with President Obama.”

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