Monday, November 05, 2012

GOP Poll Watchers Plan On Swarming Black Neighborhoods!

The  long lines and possibility of dirty tactics continue.
A day left and it's going to be the razor finish for either Republican Mitt Romney or President Barack Obama, the Democratic incumbent.

Most want this election over with.

So what do they do?

Early vote.

President Barack Obama had an advantage in the early voting! The Republicans are seizing upon the Gallup Poll showing that Mitt Romney has a slim advantage. But yet if Mitt Romney has an advantage, I wonder how many people are standing in line ready to vote for him?

I mean in the states of Ohio, Florida and Virginia, many Americans are frustrated with the wait. What could take a few moments is now holding on for up to five hours and limited times.

The Republicans are trying to curb early voting by having it limited and passing legislation for state issued identification for those to vote.

They really want to steal this election for Romney.

These final days are going to bring the worse of the Republicans. They're already trying to undermine the message of a potential defeat of their nominee.

The Republican poll watchers will be in minority neighborhoods watching for the Black guy with a hoodie on and the elderly Black woman who sits in a wheelchair. Republicans are going to find a controversy even if there's none! So as usual they'll be a person representing either Breitbart or The Daily Caller trying to find that one ignorant Black person who will say anything for a dollar or a chance to say something to rile up White voters.
Minority neighborhoods are going to be plagued with Republican pollsters willing to put their cameras in the faces of voters. They're trying to put the camera on the "scary Black person" so they pass it along to Fox News, The Drudge Report, Breitbart, and The Daily Caller. And then it gets repetitive plays on conservative talk radio and the like.
The governor of Florida is not going to allow any early voting after tonight. The governor refuses to extend hours for those who waited hours for the early casting ballots.

The state of Ohio is the center of every political election. Mitt Romney is placing his bets on this state. And if the GOP gets its way, it's going to be long night of waiting for who wins this state.

The president and Romney have already hired lawyers for any contested district or area where there's a possibility for voter fraud or suppression.

I am for one really concerned about this!

I am cautiously optimistic about this election. I am confident that this will be a fair election, but there's likely going to be some attempt to undermine the president.

We got our massage!

We got the fight in us!

There's no turning back now!

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