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These jerks online openly endorse the killing and now idiots want to mock the apparent incident by showing it on their favorite social networks.

Mediaite uncovers a new form of posture. It's called Trayvoning!

What I call it is an insult to the family of slained teenager Trayvon Martin.

For someone to pose online in the position that appears like a dead corpse is ridiculous. It's even more insulting for those to claim this is similar to those posing like Tim Tebow, the famed New York Jets quarterback.

There's some justifiable outrage with so-called "Trayvoning!" 

Again, let's discuss the gap between the race and political aspect of the Trayvon Martin shooting.

If you're a Black person, you have doubts about the Sanford Police department and think it's justifiable that George Zimmerman, the young man was charged in the murder of Trayvon Martin.

If you're a White person, you have doubt about the media's coverage. Some think that the media is bias against George Zimmerman. Some think that Trayvon Martin's past incidents, the hoodie and drug use makes him likely to be a violent person. Some think George Zimmerman's past history including his violent tendencies towards his former girlfriend and law enforcement makes him likely to be callous when it comes to life. Also many whites believe that Civil Rights leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton agitate the situation by getting involved in the controversy.

Republicans feel that President Barack Obama, the Black community and the Democratic Party rushed to judgement in the situation. They feel that George Zimmerman was right to use self-defense.

Democrats feel that the Republican Party and its allies in the conservative movement rushed to judgement to paint Trayvon Martin as a crime-inducing gangsta when there's no criminal history. They feel that people who look at this case in favor of George Zimmerman are probably racist or hateful towards the Black community.

Let's be clear, if you want to do something in support of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, don't do crazy nonsense like this!

Donate to the their legitimate websites.

Don't become a product of the media. Please, keep your stupidity out of the reach of children.

Courtesy of Mediaite.


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