Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Quiet Victor....

The most boring Republican nominee has the potential to beat President Barack Obama.
The Romney Campaign sealed the deal! For the first time in history, a man with ties to the Mormon Church is now the Republican nominee for president.

After a win in the state of Texas, it gave the perennial candidate for president enough delegates to win.

Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts will be the opponent for President Barack Obama. Romney served one term as governor and was once a founding member of an investment firm called Bain Capital. During his time he tried to run for U.S. Senate, state governor and President of The United States.

He managed to win the governorship. He lost to U.S. Senator from Arizona, John McCain during the 2008 Republican Presidential primaries. He lost to the late Democratic senator from Massachusetts Ted Kennedy.

He is a moderate candidate. He leans now to the right on most issues. Conservatives question his positions and his religious background more than the political foes he'll have to take on in order to beat the president.

Conservatives are trying to sway Mitt Romney into picking novice running mates such as South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio from Florida, U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire, and New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

Conservatives are kind of nervous about Mitt Romney. They have all these issues to hammer President Obama on but yet he chooses to stay focused on the economy and not the red meat distractions such as the president's birth certificate, past drug use and his former pastor Jeremiah Wright.

Conservatives have more SuperPac influence since the Supreme Court 5-4 partisan ruling. The ruling allows anonymous donations to pour into political campaigns. Romney's strongest allies include the Koch brothers, The Drudge Report, Karl Rove and Fox News. They are working overtime to making Barack Obama become a one term president.

As of right now, President Barack Obama has in electoral count 294. Mitt Romney has 170 in electoral count. In order to score the magic 270 or to knock down the president's lead, Romney has to focus on Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Nevada and Iowa.

The states of Nevada, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Iowa and Virginia are key swing states.

The Romney campaign has been dubbed the "Etch-a-sketch" because of him shifting positions.

Gun owners are concerned about his stances. He once endorsed a ban on assault firearms.

Anti-choice activists (pro-life) are concerned with his stances on a woman's right of choice. He appeared with pro-choice activists during his term as governor.

Many religious extremists have warned Romney to keep his religious background away from southern voters. They warned him to disavow his allies who are gay. They pressured Romney to fire an aid who was openly gay.

Gingrich, Romney and Trump together toasting.
Romney now appears with extremists like businessman and television mogul Donald Trump and former political foe Newt Gingrich in order to seal up the Tea Party vote.

Trump is a birther.

Once floated around a potential run himself, he chose to continue his NBC program The Apprentice. Trump was a bitter foe to President Barack Obama. He force the president to present his long-form birth certificate. Even though it was released, Trump still complains about it and demands the president to release his transcripts from his college days.

Newt Gingrich once a political foe that was hammered down by the Romney Campaign, he turned sour!

Gingrich had vowed to dismantle the former governor but choose to stay neutral for now. Gingrich has pandered to the extremist wing of the Republican Party. He called Barack Obama, a food stamp president. The "food stamp" is a dog whistle to Whites. It's a coded phrase to say that Blacks and Hispanics pander only to getting government handouts. Romney now embraces these guys.

Rush Limbaugh declared that Mitt Romney is no conservative. But he's willing to settle for anything but Barack Obama. He is not concerned about Romney's flip-flops. Limbaugh is only concerned about how much "damage" the president can do if he gets reelected.

Mitt Romney shows his birth certificate. Mocking the controversy of right wing extremists and their obsession with President Barack Obama and his birth certificate.
Michelle Malkin, a conservative internet activist has declared her reluctant support to Mitt Romney. Malkin has warned Romney to knock off the good guy nonsense and go after the president's allies and cronies. If Romney continues to play the role of moderate, she vows to derail his campaign.

Matt Drudge is a closeted gay conservative activist. His website is Pro-Romney. When former presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich were complaining about the negative stories that appeared on his website, The Drudge Report, many conservatives dismissed them as lunatics. But it was proven by how Drudge selected his top stories and depicted the candidates in a negative light. Romney once endorsed news agitating The Drudge Report as his favorite page.

Ron Paul the retiring Texas Congressman and his supporters are the fringe wing of the conservative movement. The libertarian leaning candidate has not endorsed Romney. There's been talk of smoothing out the differences between them. Paul has ties to extremists. His supporters are a cult. They will vow to disrupt the Republican Convention.

Romney is a boring candidate. He has no political backbone whatsoever. Voters really think of him positively now since the Republican primaries are over now. He looks upon the economy as his only strength. He has no foreign policy experience. He can't appeal to groups such as Hispanics, Blacks and women. Romney will have to work hard to capture the Hispanic and women voters who could swing the election.

They'll be some who defect from the president and eventually support Mitt Romney, but we'll see if he can outmaneuver Barack Obama.

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