Thursday, May 03, 2012

Miami Herald Unearths Controversial Shooter's MySpace Page!

We haven't forgotten about the Trayvon Martin shooting. Most in the American media, have packed up and left for the next sensational story to unfold. But down in Sanford, Florida, George Zimmerman, the controversial young man who shot and killed the unarmed teenager is free on a $150,000 bond. And while on bond, his legal defense is trying to scrub his track record clean, literally. It's one of those things, a person is willing to do to get at least a decent trial. But to give another clear look into Zimmerman lies within his social networking websites.

Although most people channel their feelings and lovely pictures on Facebook, MySpace still exist and George Zimmerman still remains a member.

The Miami Herald unearthed George Zimmerman's MySpace page. The controversy steam from some of his thoughts on Mexicans.

No matter how many firewalls, anti-virus protections, and malware defense mechanisms used, someone will always find a way to put your life online.

I want to say that this asshole is entitled to his opinion. He has a right to speak his mind. But unfortunately, all these things that come up may show that George Zimmerman may have profiled Trayvon Martin based on his race.

Zimmerman defends the shooting by claiming it was self-defense.

Zimmerman's defense team raised over $200 thousand dollars in legal assistance and yet the judge didn't raise his bond to the $1 million. The Martin family defense was devastated by the decision and how it was easy for Zimmerman to bond out on 10 percent.

I am shocked that on his MySpace page, he made these nasty comments about his ex-girlfriend. The one who said he had an anger management problem and accused him of throwing items at her. He bragged on his MySpace page about his homesickness to Virginia. He brags about getting a misdemeanor charge after assaulting a police officer. And yes, posted his disdain for "Mexican thugs" who run through his tires with their knives.

I am sorry, but George Zimmerman is an idiot. Add this controversy to the many other incidents that this young man's done in his three months of media scrutiny.

Would this play in the trial?

Your guess is as good as mine!

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