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Cut The Bull****! You Conservatives Need Obama To Sell Your Stupid Books!

Conservatives need Obama to sell books and products.
I finally come to grips with the unnecessary hate coming from the political foes of President Barack Obama.

In the latest attempt to make hay and book sales, here comes Edward Klein and his new book describing President Obama and his political allies at odds with each other.

I won't waste my time explaining the book, but I will give you two things that I know what the book is capable of doing. It's going to put the Obama Administration on defense. It's going to make conservatives rant and rave and book this person on their programs. I can already assume that one of these agitators will have a one-on-one interview Klein.

Let's get this out of the way here:

Conservatives, listen here!

Without President Barack Obama, you guys in the mainstream media wouldn't have the financial success of your conservative programs. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity's radio programs are still the most successful radio programs. Glenn Beck wouldn't have a successful media conglomerate and managed to attract a huge Tea Party rally. Sarah Palin wouldn't have two best selling books. Bill O'Reilly couldn't be the most successful cable news host for so many consecutive months.

You need the angry white male to view your programs, buy your books, and attend your events.

It's about the profit.

Barack Obama is making you guys very rich. By conservatives hoping that President Barack Obama is defeated, it's only going to stop the cash cow!

For those who vow to defeat him and his allies in the 2012 U.S. President Elections, what could happen if you get what you want?

I mean is it going to hurt your promotions?

I mean how many anti-Obama books sold over the past few years? 

You got an overpaid conservative talk radio host going after the president with a whimsical hum to his full name. You got a former George W. Bush aide who contributes to opposition research and advocating millions of dollars in political attack ads going after the president and Democratic candidates. You have media figure who uses chalk boards to outline the scourge of "socialism", while shedding crocodile tears. 

Now tell me, who got the severe case of Obama Derangement Syndrome?

Who's got the haterade in them?

1. Rush Limbaugh. The controversial talk radio host for the umpteenth time became Talker's Magazine Hottest Voice in the industry ranking at number one again. Rush Limbaugh managed to be the rally call for Republicans after he declared: "I hope [Obama] fails".

President Barack Obama urged the Republicans for bipartisanship and therefore avoid the confrontational approach as the controversial talk radio host wanted. That was the rally cry for Rush Limbaugh. To get name recognition by the opposition is like a badge of honor to those in conservative radio. If President Barack Obama mentions the political foe, it gives the foe a reason to claim the president is recognizing him as a threat. In competing for who could irritate the president the most, I think that it's a no brainer when it comes to Rush Limbaugh and his outrageous comments.

He declared that Michelle Obama, "does not project the image of women that you might see on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue or of a woman Alex Rodriguez might date every six months or what have you."

This comes in wake of the First Lady's endorsement of ending obesity in young children.

He called President Barack Obama a jackass over the debt ceiling debate.

He mocked the president by calling him Imam Hussein Obama, or calling Vice President Joe Biden, "Bite Me".

As the leading conservative agitator, Rush Limbaugh is getting older. He's partially deaf! Rush nearly died after suffering a major heart attack.

He's facing attacks not only from the left but some on the right.

Limbaugh's extreme case of Obama Derangement Syndrome got the best of him this 2012 U.S. Presidential Elections. After attacking Sandra Fluke, a private citizen by labeling her a slut after her testimony to Congress, he ignited a firestorm. The private citizen became the public figure for the women rights movement and they were pissed.

Limbaugh offered a vein apology to the woman and yet made it about the president and First Lady Michelle Obama. This controversy lead to a national boycott upon Rush Limbaugh and his program. Over 150 advertising firms severed ties with the controversial talker. Mike Huckabee, a former Arkansas governor and now a talk radio host is targeting Limbaugh's audience.

Besides this and many others, I declared that Limbaugh suffers from some of the most extreme case of Obama Derangement Syndrome.

2. Sean Hannity. The guy that always comes second to either Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Reilly in media ratings.

Since 1996, as the staple of Fox News, Sean Hannity has made no bones about trying to defeat the evil liberal agenda.

He wrote three books in regards to it. When Hillary Clinton conceded the race for the Democratic nomination, Hannity found his money-maker in Barack Obama.

The relentless talk about Jeremiah Wright, a former Chicago pastor that then candidate Obama knew for over 20 years was the driving wedge between white voters and the Obama campaign. Another figure, then neighbor Bill Ayers. The former professor who taught at the University of Illinois-Chicago revealed that he was once an anti-war radical who plotted to terrorize government institutions. Hannity led the charge against Barack Obama by labeling him, a guy who hung around with a terrorist. This conservative agitator takes pride in being the guy who can claim credit for beating down a horse with the controversies of the 2008 U.S. Elections. And yes, he will continue beating a horse dead with Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers.

When President Barack Obama order the raid in Pakistan that led to the killing of Osama bin Laden, Hannity made a ridiculous claim that generate a bit of controversy. He claimed that if President Barack Obama had his way, Osama bin Laden would be alive today. That comment had garnered a response from the White House. As this election draws near, Hannity uses his talk radio program and Fox News program to "vet President Barack Obama". Where there's no controversy, Hannity and his conservative friends find one. Whether President Barack Obama's eating Dijon mustard, or even taking a vacation, or making a statement that appeals to his core supporters, Hannity will find some issue with it. He dismisses the improving jobs report as bogus.

Hannity has a tendency of misquoting officials and deliberately altering video footage to tarnish the president.

Sean Hannity, is a vocal supporter of the Republican Party and its allies of the conservative movement.

He is considered the go to guy for them. When a Republican candidate needs airtime, or a controversial figure needs some redemption from a scandal, you have Sean Hannity!

In the controversial shooting of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, the family of George Zimmerman was granted many interviews with Hannity. George Zimmerman, the shooter charged with second degree murder, privately talked to the host without seeing advisory from his legal defense team.

With that being said, there's no doubt that President Barack Obama has been successful to Sean Hannity.

He brags about his Fox News program clobbering CNN and MSNBC. He loves to promote his Freedom Concerts and those successful bestselling books.

So what could four more years of President Obama bring to a name-dropping agitator like Sean Hannity?

Obama Derangement Syndrome is likely a factor in the constant agitating.

3. Glenn Beck is a highly controversial media figure who once reign his conspiracy themed stories and the infamous chalk board on CNN Headline News (now HLN) the Fox News Channel.

Glenn Beck was once a deejay and stand up comedian for a morning music program before he felt the need to take his antics to the mainstream. A conservative with libertarian leanings, Beck rants and raves on his radio program, The O'Reilly Factor and his website forums The Blaze and GBTV.

Beck has been a huge thorn in the Obama Administration. The Tea Party was highly motivated by Beck's fiery speeches. In August 2010, Beck and Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska, managed to attract a large rally at the Washington National Monument.

Several incidents involving Beck and President Barack Obama have resulted in notable public controversy.

In response to President Obama's remarks on the Henry Louis Gates controversy, Beck argued that Obama has repeatedly shown "a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture", saying "I'm not saying he doesn't like white people. I'm saying he has a problem. This guy is, I believe, a racist." These remarks drew criticism, and resulted in a boycott promulgated by Color of Change.

In 2009, the boycott resulted in at least 57 advertisers requesting their ads be removed from his programming, to avoid associating their brands with content that could be considered offensive by potential customers. He later apologized for the remarks, telling Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace that he has a "big fat mouth" and miscast as racism what is actually, as he theorizes, Obama's belief in black liberation theology.

He didn't stop. Beck managed to unearth a scandal plaguing then Congressman Eric Massa (D-New York).

Upset over the Democrats passing the historic health care reform, Beck wanted poison then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) in a symbolic themed mocking her drinking a tainted wine.

Beck managed to end funding and the eventual shutdown of ACORN. Beck help end the careers of Shirley Sherrod and Van Jones. They were force to resign after the late conservative agitator Andrew Breitbart brought to light a few distorted videos of these people. These videos lead to the reactionary firings from the White House.

Beck has no media home. After ending his program on Fox News, Beck now taken his campaign to the internet. He created an alternative to the Huffington Post. He founded The Blaze, a news agitating website that leans conservative. Beck takes his chalkboard, crocodile tears, and gasoline cans to, an online network that gives his proteges S.E. Cupp, Amy Holmes and Mythoes Holt a voice online and throughout the blogosphere. Beck need President Barack Obama to at least stay relevant.

4. Sarah Palin, the fire breathing former governor of Alaska is the voice of the conservative movement. Her role as queen maker was notable in the 2010 U.S. Midterm Elections.

But given the power of her during the 2012 U.S. Presidency, it is was all smoke and mirrors. The talk of a presidential run was the focus of the former vice presidential nominee.

But after shunning the notion of being a presidential candidate lending her support to Newt Gingrich (by half-endorsing him), Palin becomes the analysis to all things anti-Obama.

So instead of running for president, Palin found her meal ticket in being a regular Obama basher. And on the speaking circuit, Palin became the newest thorn to President Barack Obama.

Of course, since being out of government for the last three years, the conservative agitator is a stable of the Fox News Channel. Given her expertise in the matters of conservatism, Palin offers her usual "word salad' to why President Barack Obama is incapable of being a leader and how she could see Russia from her home.

As her dysfunctional family continues to rush to the cameras or internet to promote their books, reality television programs and activism, many felt that its a potential for her to generate a buzz if she becomes the choice in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Race.

And the rest of them:

5. Ann Coulter is a conservative agitator with political opinions that are often controversial ways in which she presents and defends them. Coulter has described herself as a "polemicist who likes to stir up the pot" with her insane rhetoric and bogus claims.

As often vocal, her opinions of President Barack Obama and former president Bill Clinton are just as the same. Vicious and insensitive.

Some of her most controversial statements were her 2012 CPAC speech in which she dubbed the president, "Flavor Flav" in response to his polices

“Voters with forty years of politically correct education are ecstatic to have the first black president. They just love the idea even if we did get Flavor Flav instead of Thomas Sowell.”

Comparing the first Black president to a reality star is kind of ridiculous. What's more insulting Coulter wants to put the president's children in the crossfire. After David Letterman made a comment about former governor Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol, conservatives went forth to shame Letterman into apologizing and thought that since he's an ally of Barack Obama, we should insult his children.

Without a doubt, Ms. Coulter will spend her time writing and rushing to the cameras for her daily Obama bashing.

6. Dick Morris is a man with a vendetta. This turd of a man writes books, columns, appears on radio, television and the internet whining and screaming about the end of days.

If it wasn't bad enough, he had an obsession with Hillary Clinton, during the 2008 U.S. presidential elections, but now it's double-time with President Barack Obama. He spends his resources trying to make the case against President Barack Obama.

Well, one thing that keeps this bloated agitator in line is the sex scandals that continue to plague him.

Morris was notorious in the scandal with call girl, Sherry Rowlands. Morris allowed Rowlands to listen to conversations between President Bill Clinton and his administration officials. He was also involved in the DC Madam scandal as well. But most people ignore that, because he's a well paid political analysis who has the goods.

Based on how he predicts where the political winds shift, I can say he has a terrible track record on getting things right in regards to political races. He comes off as big ney sayer who wants to scare people to vote for Republicans.

With a vendetta against the Clintons, and now President Barack Obama, Morris will waste no time trying to defeat them and their allies.

The most outrageous comment from Dick Morris comes during the Trayvon Martin shooting controversy.

He made the comparison of Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama as the symbols of "victimization" in order to bring forth the Black vote.

When was the last time Dick Morris ever got it right?

Dick Morris is a victim of Obama Derangement Syndrome.

7. Brent Bozell is a radical Christian fundamentalist who has a voice as media critic and pundit at the same time. The president of the Parents Television Council and Media Research Center, Bozell has been active in exposing the media, in which he claims is totally in the tank for President Barack Obama.

Bozell who is distinguished for his red beard, is one miserable person.

On television he's always comes off as an angry old man!

He doesn't like President Barack Obama, Hollywood, or those news guys who come right after the local news on the Big Three. He claims that they're the reasons for the turmoil in the country. And morality and decency is the only way to solve our problems.

The Parents Television Council (PTC) goes after Family Guy and Weeds for immorality and indecency aside the demands of cancellation. Yet, the PTC praises Mel Gibson's controversial movies such as The Passion Of The Christ or conservative movies such as An American Carol.

His organization created Newbusters, a website devoted to exposing liberal bias in the news and entertainment industry. He recruited comedian Joni Miller, writers Tim Graham, Matt Sheffield, Noel Sheppard and others to find media bias.

Whether it's a rant bashing conservatives from Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow, you'll find it on Newsbusters.

Whether a favorable interview with President Barack by Robin Roberts or a tingle up Chris Matthews' leg, you'll expect the issue to make it on Newsbusters.

The counterbalance to Newsbusters is Media Matters for America, a liberal organization devoted to taking on conservative bias. These organizations are currently feuding one another over who's more bias towards political views.

When MSNBC's liberal agitator Chris Matthews criticized then presidential candidate Newt Gingrich for his apparent dog-whistling attacks of President Barack Obama, Bozell went on Sean Hannity's television program and made the comment:

[You] might want to say that [Obama] looks like 'skinny ghetto crackhead'!

You might say that Brent Bozell is a man with an obsession with not only the media, but President Barack Obama.

8. Tucker Carlson is a man who has been bouncing from network to network since the cancelling of Crossfire on CNN.

After a stint on MSNBC, the bow tied conservative agitator found a home with his brethren on Fox News.

Carlson is the creator of conservative agitating. This man sponsors his activism in the form of ambush journalism.

The bow tied conservative created The Daily Caller, a news agitating website. A man who claims to expose President Barack Obama's allies, Carlson the continues a relentless fight. A man who claims that the president's policies are stealing the very freedoms of hard working Americans, this man made the outrageous comment about First Lady Michelle Obama's health food initiatives. He stated:

 "Why would you want to raise your own kids when Michelle Obama will do it for gunpoint!"

In June 2012, The Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro heckled the president during an important announcement. Carlson went to Twitter to embrace the heckler for interrupting the president.

There's no doubt this gentleman is obsessed with the Obamas.

9. Michelle Malkin is one the most savviest internet activist out there. With that savy comes her volatile attitude towards President Barack Obama and his family.

Malkin has made no bones about her disgust of the Obama family and she given plenty of air time on Fox News to inject her venom upon the masses.

Malkin, born to Filipino immigrants denies her heritage and consider her minority standings as irrelevant.

Malkin has a cult-like status among the internet. Her followers will do anything for her. If she post information of anyone whom she get into a heated debate with, expect death threats.

When it comes to berating and bemoaning about the evils of President Barack Obama, they look to Malkin as the voice. Millions of conservatives, angry with the "totalitarian" regime find Malkin's rhetoric right up their alley. Believe me, she fights tooth and nail to defeat President Barack Obama.

She is the writer of Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team Of Tax Cheats, Crooks and Cronies, an inside look into the controversies of the Obama Administration.

Kind of disgruntled about the potential nominee, Mitt Romney, Malkin is trying to cope with the Republican who is willing to take on the president. A supporter of Rick Santorum, Michelle Malkin rants on the airwaves about her frustrations with Romney. She warns that if Romney doesn't cut the nice guy attitude and go after President Barack Obama, she will make sure there's a full scale war to defeat Romney as well.

In 2008, on a live taping of Fox News with Megyn Kelly, the host was talking with Malkin and the network ran the screen graphic going after First Lady Michelle Obama with the title "Outraged Liberals: Stop Picking On Obama's Baby Mama!"

Michelle Malkin wasn't aware of the screen graphic, but she caught some major flack over that one. Yet, she would rush to the internet to find every freaking thing the president said, to defend herself from the bemoaning of her rivals.

The vocal voice of the "New Media", Malkin is once again riding on the wave of dehumanizing and smearing others for a profit. In which that makes her without a doubt a woman who suffers from Obama Derangement Syndrome!

10. Andrew Breitbart once was the voice against the "establishment" media and their "shielding" of President Barack Obama. This conservative agitator died in March 2012 with a legacy of race-baiting and pompous grandstanding.

Surrounded with controversy, this conservative activist founded his own media empire that aided in attacking President Barack Obama, Hollywood or those in the so-called liberal media! was the beginning of the Big blogs. Each Big blog is play upon what he mocked progressive values such as peace, Hollywood and government.
Andrew Breitbart gain notoriety after he sent two conservative activists into ACORN, a minority voting and housing assistance program that he believe were aiding in voter fraud.

He also succeed in getting Barack Obama's advisor Van Jones fired after he published tapes of Jones calling the Republican Party a bunch of "assholes".

Breitbart was responsible for ending the career of long-term Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-New York) after he used Twitter to send sexual explicit photos to women.

But his most controversial scandal was Shirley Sherrod, the USDA worker under fire for alleged racist comments that were deemed offensive enough for the White House to have her removed. When it turned out it was a doctored video and Mrs. Sherrod was actually trying to acknowledge racism growing up in her childhood, this scandal became an issue towards President Barack Obama. He was forced to apologize personally to Mrs. Sherrod. Breitbart was sued for defamation of character by Mrs. Sherrod. This lawsuit is active even though the conservative agitator died.

Andrew Breitbart was the right hand man of gay conservative agitator Matt Drudge and ex-right winger mega-blogger Arianna Huffington. Breitbart made a living trying to distort videos in order to smear an opponent. He claimed that his mission was to root out those who claimed the Tea Party and conservatives were racist and in turn to prove that President Barack Obama, the Democratic Party and their liberal allies are the proven racists!

A known hot head, Andrew Breitbart got into it with commentators who called him out on his hypocrisy.

Never one to back down, Breitbart would get his supporters to shout down those who attack him.

Since his passing, the legacy of Breitbart lives on! Breitbart trained "young gun" proteges Lila Rose, Jason Mattera, James O'Keefe, Dana Loesh, Joel Pollack, and Ben Sharpio to become serial agitators. They vow to expose the "institutional left" and those who support it.

Without a doubt, Andrew Breitbart was obsessed with Obama Derangement Syndrome. And besides the heart attack that killed him a conspiracy is spawned. Some of his supporters believe that it President Barack Obama ordered an assassination on him because he had some major scandal to unfold. Breitbart was promoting the "vetting of President Barack Obama" series in which he spoke at Harvard University in defense of a tenured professor Derrick Bell. Bell was protesting Harvard Law Review's refusal of hiring a woman or person of color to its tenure.

11. Karl Rove is going to be the heir apparent to Roger Ailes, the current CEO of Fox News Channel.

Rove proven to be as aggressive when it comes to taking on political adversaries such as President Barack Obama.

Rove was the political advisor to President George W. Bush.

Rove is instrumental in the political smear machine. He has taken helm at the American Crossroads, a political SuperPac that is investing millions in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Elections. 

When he's not spending SuperPac millions against the Democratic opponents, he's on Fox News giving his two cents to the who's who in politics.

Rove has been actively helping Mitt Romney. The Republican nominee in waiting Romney gets his talking points to go after President Barack Obama straight out of Karl Rove's playbook.

Rove has mentored Romney through the campaign. Rove has help Mitt Romney through his major gaffes!

Rove has helped Republican candidates appeal to independent voters with catchy words and easy to understand phrases.

Rove was responsible the success of the Tea Party Movement.

Rove's impact on this election will once again prove that the Republican party is working hard to get President Barack Obama out of the White House. Without a doubt the obsession is in Rove. He has Obama Derangement Syndrome.

12. Matt Drudge is the reclusive founder of the Drudge Report. The Drudge Report is famous for bringing forth the sex scandal between Monica Lewinsky and President Bill Clinton.

Matt Drudge maintains his news agitating website 24/7 with stories that target President Barack Obama.

Most of the news stories that are linked through the Drudge Report attracts some of the most extreme members of society.

No matter how the story is found, a Drudge imprint is a buzz worthy story for him. He takes pride in his work.

Despite many who feel his impact isn't going to sway the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election, Drudge ignores his critics and keeps his fingers crossed. Drudge is hoping he'll activate his infamous siren for a juicy scandal involving the president.

Drudge openly endorses stories that appeal to White supremacists, radical Christian fundamentalists, and ill-informed conservatives who all have a bone to pick against President Barack Obama. Those ill-informed conservatives are usually the birthers who refuse to believe the president's citizenship or hostile conservatives who believe the President Barack Obama is a Communist.

Some conservatives think the president is an idiot. Of course, these are the people who couldn't finish a complete sentence. Conservatives can thank Drudge when he finds pictures of President Barack Obama and use them in negative light.

Read some of the comment section online. Anything that is linked through the Drudge Report usually has a word salad that involves President Barack Obama.

The Drudge Report has been noted for his impact in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Elections when he found a story about Ashley Todd.

Todd was a supporter and volunteer to the John McCain presidential campaign. In an attempt to push a racial story against President Barack Obama, Todd concocted a story about a Black man attacking her and scratching a backwards letter B in the side of her face. Drudge put the story front and center on his website. Conservatives were rushing to blame Obama supporters for being violent criminals.

But when the police found the story didn't add up, they arrested Ashley Todd and found her guilty of inducing panic and filing a false police report. Drudge quickly removed the story and somewhat apologized to the Obama campaign.

The most recent controversy was in 2011, when President Barack Obama celebrated his 50 year old birthday. The Drudge Report and its affiliate website the Fox Nation, ran the story of the president's birthday party being a Hip-Hop BBQ and mistaking famous singer Stevie Wonder as a rapper.

Without a doubt, Drudge and those who view his blog are obsessed. Drudge and his allies are suffering from the worst case of Obama Derangement Syndrome.

13. Alex Jones is a paranoid freak. He spends his whole life trying to expose the New World Order.

You can find him trying to dismantle reality with the argument that the September 11, 2001 attacks were a government conspiracy to aid a secret war with foreign nations.

You can hear him rant about the government's intentions of putting people in FEMA Death Camps.

You find this man and his cult of conspiracy theorists trolling the internet for all things Ron Paul.

Hey you can also buy survivor food kits for a reasonable price as well.

Hated by the left and the right, Alex Jones is always there trying to expose those in power, for a profit.

The founding of Infowars and Prison Planet attracts thousands of conspiracy kooks into believing that President Barack Obama is the "trojan horse" to a secretive government.

As a leading voice of the birther movement, Alex Jones is praised by those in the conservative media when it comes to trying to bring this issue into the limelight. The Southern Poverty Law Center, a Civil Rights organization has noted that the ranting of Alex Jones inspires militia groups and white supremacists.

In the latest attempt to profit of the birth certificate controversy, he made a movie called the Obama Deception.

Alex Jones a paranoid freak with a serious case of Obama Derangement Syndrome.

14. Bill O'Reilly is a kingmaker in the cable news industry.

For years, Bill O'Reilly has been the most watched cable news on the conservative Fox News Channel.

Bill O'Reilly devotes himself as a "culture warrior".

I could have put O'Reilly right up there with Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, but the conservative agitator has somewhat soften his harshest rhetoric of President Barack Obama and those who support him.

In 2008, Jeremiah Wright was one of the most controversial things to happen to the Barack Obama presidential campaign. Bill O'Reilly along with his fellow Fox News hosts were beating down the drum to exposing the character of President Barack Obama and his then pastor.

O'Reilly was a harsh critic of then candidate Barack Obama. The conservative agitator had a long-standing feud with Ludacris, an Atlanta based rapper and actor. The rapper managed to spin right into the Obama campaign when he made a freestyle criticizing then President George W. Bush and former Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton. The ever agitated O'Reilly went forth to demand Barack Obama denounce the rapper and apologize to President Bush.

O'Reilly manages to get interviews with President Barack Obama and yet he interrupts him constantly when he doesn't get the answers he want. Although, he appreciates the president going through the No Spin Zone, he still criticizes him and have a body language analysis study how the president reacts to the questions.

When it comes to being an agitator to the Black community, O'Reilly is front and center on the issues. Either blaming Attorney General Eric Holder for the Fast and Furious scandal, to the alleged racial incident in Norfolk, Virginia, O'Reilly has made his goal to bring forth stories that are often ignored by the mainstream media.

The O'Reilly Factor has many conservative agitators such as his staff producer Jesse Watters aiding in promoting his style of investigative journalism. Watters helps O'Reilly by ambushing political opponents who they labels as a threat to the traditionalist values of America.

He puts on conservative agitator Bernard Goldberg who openly criticizes the media and uses rhetoric that could come off as racist.

His road tour buddy and fellow Fox News ally Glenn Beck who recently left his television program to build his online media conglomerate share his opinion with O'Reilly. With Beck on his program they cover the latest conspiracy going on in the government.

He puts on washed up celebrity, Dennis Miller on for a few moments to rant against liberal issues. Miller also appears as a talk radio host and was formerly on Saturday Night Live.

Conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham who frequently fills in for him, gives her take on the latest issues.

Bill O'Reilly puts on Dick Morris, Charles Kruathammer, Kimberly Gilfoyle, and Juan Williams to openly bash President Barack Obama.

Geraldo Rivera who comes on to debate O'Reilly with stories that affect the legal system.

He puts on the hosts of Fox & Friends and his protege Lis Wiehl to debate the latest pop culture scandals in the news.

Bill O'Reilly criticizes Hollywood liberals as being pinheads and Americans who stand up for conservative causes as patriots.

The softening of his rhetoric comes in the wake of a shooting tragedy. A radical extremist killed Dr. George Tiller, a Kansas late term abortion doctor who O'Reilly chided on his program frequently. O'Reilly has some remorse about this tragedy but refuses to acknowledge fault for the controversy.

Bill O'Reilly has Obama Derangement Syndrome. And although he's not as bad as those mentioned, he will get more attention the more he opens his mouth and inserts his foot in! 

15. Jesse Lee Peterson. A black conservative extremist who rushes to the defense of white people.

A man who refuses to acknowledge the legitimacy of President Barack Obama, Jesse Lee Peterson is an agitator who appears frequently on some cable news programs degrading the Black community.

This man has the nerve to call Black people racists and delusional.

Jesse Lee Peterson gets major airtime with conservative agitators Sean Hannity and Bill Cunningham. They allow Peterson to go uninterrupted while they sit there shaking their heads nodding in agreement of every extreme comments he could pull out about the Black community.

His organization the Brotherhood Of A New Destiny has no noted members being black. But yet he considers himself as a civil rights leader.

This civil rights leader is racing to the cameras calling President Barack Obama a racist, and thinks the Black community is a failed experiment of liberalism and the policies of the Democratic Party.  He wants to look at the world as morally sinned but yet has no clarification!

When President Barack Obama spoke out against racial profiling in the Black community in the wake of his friend Henry "Skip" Gates being arrested in 2009, Peterson criticized the incident as typical Black outrage.

He defends white conservatives.

He thinks liberal women are sluts and single parents as welfare grabbing degenerates.

He believe the President of The United States, Barack Obama is a person who blames White people!

He concludes that Whites who who voted for Barack Obama shouldn't feel guilty if they turn out in droves to reject him and his "socialist" policies.

Without a doubt, Jesse Lee Peterson is a prime case of Obama Derangement Syndrome.

Dishonorable mentions: Lou Dobbs, Mark Levin, Neal Boortz, Greta Van Susteren, David Limbaugh, Frank Luntz, John Ziegler, Dennis Miller, Angela McGlowan, Neil Cavuto, Stuart Varney, Eric Bolling, Bill Cunningham, John Stossel, Pat Buchanan, Mary Matlin, Laura Ingraham, Juan Williams, Michael Savage, Bernard Goldberg, James O'Keefe, Jason Mattera, Dana Loesh, Denna Borreli, Charles Payne, World Net Daily and Dana Perino.

They are Obama obsessed commentators who waste enough hot air in the media. I couldn't fit them in this article. They aren't well known as the aforementioned here.

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