Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Better Amercia

Liberals lampoon The Romney Campaign over his misspelled campaign theme.
Yes, I've spelled it incorrectly! I want to make a point to hammer the Romney campaign. Liberal news agitator Dan Abrams and his team at Mediaite discovers the spelling gaffe and has splashed it on its page to mock the campaign's failure to use spell-check.

The conservative agitator Matt Drudge splashes on his right wing noise machine that the Polish government demands an apology, after President Barack Obama made the comments about the "Polish Death Camps" when he was speaking at a Memorial Day ceremony.

On the issue of apologies. The Republicans get upset when President Barack Obama apologizes for the country. The conservatives think it's essential that the president never apologizes. So now this?

This controversy mirrors the outrage by conservatives when the president pulled back a strategic missile shield that Republicans supported. Poland was to host the missile shield. The Republicans wanted a missile shield to prevent Iran from test-firing a missile to Israel. The United States missile defense shield controversy had the president and the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev sparred over it. It's still a conflicting issue with the returning president, Vladimir Putin.

Now we got to be in the silly season of U.S. politics.

I listened to talk radio faithfully and end up usually sticking to three or four of the most controversial hosts who maintain an impact on the 2012 U.S. Presidential Elections.

Stephanie Miller, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Alan Colmes are my primary talk radio shows that I listen to. On occasions, I listen to Neal Boortz, Randi Rhodes, Bill Cunningham and Ed Schultz if the ones mentioned get irritating.

It's the same thing: Attack an opponent. Mock his policies. Mock his family. Never admit fault. Blame the other person. Liberals do it. Conservatives do it. There's no imbalance. It's perfectly balanced.

Liberal agitating talk radio hosts Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller, Alan Colmes and Randi Rhodes are hammering Mitt Romney over his stances on issues and the constant flip-flops. Television hosts Rachel Maddow, Jennifer Granholm, Cenk Uygur, Chris Matthews, and Lawrence O'Donnell are constantly whining about Mitt Romney and his controversial endorsement from media mogul Donald Trump. Daily Kos, Crooks & Liars and other liberal blogs are working hard to get Wisconsin governor Scott Walker out. They are making the noise through grassroots and synthetic protests such as the Trayvon Martin and Occupy Wall Street events.

Conservative agitating talk radio hosts Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Neal Boortz, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Laura Ingraham were talking about President Barack Obama and this controversy with Poland as well as the Catholic Church suing the administration over the birth control mandate. Bill O'Reilly, Megyn Kelly, Greta Van Susteren, Neil Cavuto, Joe Scarborough, Chuck Todd and Eric Bolling are constantly whining about polls, the president's allies in Hollywood and the controversial statements from Vice President Joe Biden. The Drudge Report, Breitbart, Michelle Malkin, World Net Daily and others are working hard to get President Barack Obama out of the White House. They are making the noise through grassroots and synthetic protests such as the Tea Party and the defending of the Catholic Church.

In my opinion, we're making these people rich. Very rich.

They make money keeping you, me and millions of others divided for ratings, promotions of products, or sponsoring of events.

Sexy Liberal Comedy Tours, Freedom Concerts, Killing Lincoln and Jack Kennedy books, Rush Babes tee shirts, are keeping these agitators rich.

I am for the freedom of speech. These guys deserve every bit of scrutiny and praise from their respectable camps. They just give Americans a reason to hate the media, the government and social norms that are occurring in the digital age.

No need to boycott them. Rush Limbaugh turned a boycott into an investment.

No all we have to do is look at these people as entertainers. They entertain us with commentary that is controversial. They have no impact on how people vote. They are the psychologist to a person who wants to get a problem off their chest. They are not to be looked at as political advisors. They are the mainstream media.

No there's no liberal media. There's no conservative media. It's corporate-owned media and we're a part of it. Whether you like it or not!

I would urge most people to watch CNN.

CNN does get people riled up when they put on commentators who appear to be too liberal or conservative. But at least they're fair on coverage and are not taking the dirty road (for now) as its competitors MSNBC and Fox News.


truthbetold said...

For a Republican, a better America begins with Obama's defeat. They have put the entire country in harms way...for the destruction of one man. And Obama is deem "unpatriotic?" Ha!!!

I wrote a nice little post about tham at my blog called A day in the life of a white republican.
perhaps you will check me out?

La Reyna said...


Thank you. I've read your post on the day in the life of a white Republican. You nailed it to a T. That's so right. Republicans are known for their hypocrisy, racism, stirring up class, racial, gender, and religious divisions in the country.

Thanks for commenting and I'm looking forward to your comments in the future. Also, you could be my guest poster as well.


La Reyna

LILVOKA | The Blue Light Buzz said...

Thanks for reading. I appreciate the efforts.


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