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The Pure White Womanhood Myth by Abagond

"The Southern Belle"

The pure White womanhood mythology was set up by a bunch of upper class men who were bent on maintaining the status quo and to keep Black men and women in line. Here's a well-written post by my fellow blogger Abagond regarding the mythology of pure White womanhood.
The pure white woman stereotype was a picture that white Americans had in their heads about white women. It pictured them as being pure in terms of both sex and race. It was the main excuse given for Jim Crow, the laws and customs that kept down black people for a hundred years after they were freed as slaves.
Even today the stereotype lives on in a weakened form, making white Americans uncomfortable when they see a black man with a white woman.
The pure white woman determined how whites looked at blacks. If white women were pure, then black men were the threat. Thus the black brute stereotype, which saw black men as savages. And if white women were pure, then black women were not. Thus the Jezebel stereotype, which saw black women as easy and loose.
This picture of white women had such force that a black man could be killed just for being too friendly with a white woman. Thus the lynchings, where black men hung dead from trees.
At the heart of all this was the raw fear in the hearts of white men that black men would take all of “their” women – meaning the white women. They thought black men were better at pleasing women in bed. So they had to be stopped.
They were stopped in three ways:
White men kept the races apart with Jim Crow laws, laws backed up by lynchings.
White men made sure that most black men were kept poor. making them undesirable to white women as husbands.
The One Drop Rule meant that any children a white woman had by a black man would be black too.
Black men were kept from white women, but white men continued to rape black women without consequence.
So, in the name of keeping white women pure, to keep them up on that pedestal, blacks were kept down.
But white women were kept in their place too, even if it was up on a pedestal somewhere closer to the angels.
The American magazines and religious books of the 1800s told white women that to be good and pure they should leave the dirty business of running the world to their husbands. So no need to vote. They were told that making beds was much better for them than reading books, which would only fill their heads with the wrong ideas. And so on.
The Jim Crow laws came down in the 1950s and 1960s. By 1967 black men could marry white women anywhere in the country.
But even now some white people are still not comfortable seeing a black man with a white woman. White women are still held up as more beautiful than anyone and more morally upright, despite “Girls Gone Wild” and other things. And when a white woman is missing it can be on the news for days and days, while missing black women never seem to make the news for some reason.
Ah, the “allure” of the forbidden fruit!

The media, government, society, and popular culture decree the white woman as being the ultimate in human beauty, femininity, virtue and in moral superiority, ergo, they are forbidden by custom to mingle with “less desireable” elements of society and from the realms of business/politics/professions/academia/entertainment, for these things would sully what virtue upper middle/upper class white women have by virtue of their purity/femininity/moral superiority.

Black men and women are decreed as threats to the “sanctity” of “holy white womanhood”. Black women are competition to white women, i.e. the potential take their men away, while Black men could take away their “virtue”. Therefore, the white man have to protect his women from Blacks of both genders. In order to do so, segregation, formal and informal, media and cultural propaganda, discrimination, lynchings, prisons, etc. are utilized to this end.

Black men weren’t suppose to be familiar with white women on the pain of death. They weren’t suppose to look at posters of white female celebrities during Jim Crow. While thousands of Black women were violated during that period of time.

Abagond, white women, black men and black women didn’t invent the ideology of white womanhood. It’s white men who invented it in order to oppress Blacks, keep them forever subordinate, maintain inequality, and to cover up his guilt.

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The Existentialist Cowboy: Lessons the GOP Learned from Adolph Hitler: the 'Big Lie' Called 911

The Existentialist Cowboy: Lessons the GOP Learned from Adolph Hitler: the 'Big Lie' Called 911: "Those still believing Bush's big 911 lie are of three types plus combinations: crooks, idiots, and liars! There was no fuselage, there was no airliner wreckage, there were no large titanium/steel alloy rotors each some 10 feet in diameter to be found at the Pentagon on the morning of 911. Yet --we are expected to believe the most evil, the most harmful fraud since Hitler coined the phrase: 'Big Lie'!"

Klan, Blacks Clash in Texas Town - AOL Black Voices

* Description: A Ku Klux Klan meeting in Gaine...Image via Wikipedia

Klan, Blacks Clash in Texas Town - AOL Black Voices: "PARIS Texas — State police in full riot gear rushed a downtown street in this eastern Texas town Tuesday to break up a tense standoff between hundreds of black and white protesters who exchanged screams of 'Black power ' and 'White power ' A skinhead carrying a Nazi flag and a shirtless white man were arrested on a misdemeanor charge of suspicion of disorderly conduct before the protesters separated peacefully Paris police spokesman Lt. Danny Huff said. There were no reports of injuries."
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Don't forget Prom Night in Mississipi on HBO 07/20

Don't forget. Prom night in Mississippi adocumentary about segregated proms in Morgan Freeman's home town airs on HBO 07/20 at 9PM Eastern Time. Learn more and see some clips by using the link below:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lisa "Left Eye Lopes"

A Free Spirit Gone Too Soon

Lisa "Left Eye Lopes1971-2002

May Lisa Lopes always rest in peace! She's a very beautiful, but troubled free spirit who was very talented in the arts, particulary in the realm of music and hip hop/R&B. Lisa was a very extraordinary woman who was also the most controversial and outgoing of the TLC girls. Chilli is the muse and T-Boz, the poetess. She was an extraordinary entertainer, rapper, songwriter, and actress. She was the most flamboyant of the TLC girls, embracing life as it comes at her, engaging in outlandish antics, on and offstage. She rivals Janet Jackson, Eartha Kitt, Hillary Clinton, Cynthia McKinney, Josephine Baker, the fictional Carmen of Bizet's play, fictional Madame Olenska, Madame X, even Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown of late. These women live their lives at odds with the prevailing societal Free gender and class norms and were made to paid the price for doing so. The prescribed roles for women then and now were to stay in their places, preferably submissive, meek, and traditional wives and mothers and not to make waves that threaten both traditional and current patriarchial societies of the world. Lisa's wearing a condom on her left eye caught the wrath of the establishment and conservatives who don't want any form of education that doesn't stay to the basics. Her offstage lifestyle is like that of Carmen, who doesn't like being told what to do. Had Lisa is alive today, she wouldn't like what she sees in society today, including the impulse to conform to the dictates of society.Once again,may she rest in peace always!

Hating on the Obamas by WomanUp

Hating on the Obamas
By WomanUp

Call me indifferent.But after reading just a few of the racist-fueled comments aimed at 11-year-old Malia Obama's fashion choices on the "conservative" "news" site, I was neither shocked nor surprised. A little confused maybe -- as in, what's so bad about a little girl wearing a peace sign? Do Republicans hate peace? Wasn't Jesus a pacifist? Isn't that the point of the whole "WWJD?" movement?Forgive the repetition, but I hate to say that nut-bag blog comments constitute hate speech. The Freepers mindless mouth vomit felt less like shouting fire in a crowded theatre and more like splashing gasoline on an already burning tug boat. Speech that incites violence is one thing, speech that reinforces stereotypes about a certain group of people--in this case, barefoot, cousin-marrying, gun-toting, "conservatives" -- See, doesn't it just make you cringe? -- is another. One is illegal and the other, well, we'll call it Fox News. Some of my best friends are Republicans. (Well, not best best friends, but you get the point.) And just as I hope their picture of me and other African-Americans hasn't solely been solidified by the movie "Boyz in Da' Hood," I'm sure they're hoping a bunch of maniacs in their pajamas won't serve as their party's mascots.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Racist And Sexist Attacks Against Judge Sonia Sotomayor

BLACK WOMEN In Interracial Relationship Who BASH Black Men

This video was doen in Sep 2008...and I speak on black women who feel only black men are deadbeats as if running to a white man is going to solve everything.

Maria: Prima Ballerina

More Maria Tallchief

DUMB A** DRUDGE - Internet Gossip Continues Phony Outrage! HuffPost Beats Drudge!

And you wonder why Arianna Huffington is clobbering Matt Drudge?

The faux controversy on most news outlets got the right wing echo chamber bananas over a photo of President Barack Obama looking at a young woman. But in reality, it was the president helping guide another woman.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy and the president are at the G8 Summit over the weekend.

Visit the Huffington Post for factual, informative, honest and logical journalism.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Malcolm X: Afro-American History (January 1964)


Malcolm X: Afro-American History (January 1964)

Another thing that you will find is that those who go to other places usually think of themselves as a minority. If you’ll notice, in all of their struggling, programming or even crying or demanding, they even refer to themselves as a minority, and they use a minority approach. By a minority they mean that they are lesser than something else, or they are outnumbered, or the odds are against them – and this is the approach that they use in their argument, in their demand, in their negotiation. But when you find those of us who have been following the nationalistic thinking that prevails in Harlem, we don’t think of ourselves as a minority, because we don’t think of ourselves just within the context of the American stage or the American scene, in which we would be a minority. We think of things worldly, or as the world is; we think of our part in the world, and we look upon ourselves not as a dark minority on the white American stage, but rather we look upon ourselves as a part of the dark majority who now prevail on the world stage. And when you think like this automatically, when you realize you are part of the majority, you approach your problem as if odds are on your side rather than odds are against you. You approach demanding rather than using the begging approach. And this is one of the things that is frightening the white man. As long as the black man in America thinks of himself as a minority, as an underdog, he can’t shout but so loud; or if he does shout, he shouts loudly only to the degree that the power structure encourages him to. He never gets irresponsible. He never goes beyond what the power structure thinks is the right voice to shout in. But when you begin to connect yourself on the world stage with the whole of dark mankind, and you see that you’re the majority and this majority is waking up and rising up and becoming strong, then when you deal with this man, you don’t deal with him like he’s your boss or he’s better than you or stronger than you. You put him right where he belongs. When you realize that he’s a minority, that his time is running out, you approach him like that, you approach him like one who used to be strong but is now getting weak, who used to be in a position to retaliate against you but now is not in that position anymore.
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Black Women with White Men is NOTHING NEW part 2

Black Women with White Men is NOTHING NEW

Sorry if I'm not "tickling your ears" with what I hafta say on this...

Hatred Directed At President Obama's Daughters at Freak Republic

How low and evil can they really get! These people need to be checked mentally. I hope the whole website shut down for racist/sexist commentaries about the First Family and Black people in general.

Here's more from eloquent writer Alpha Unit at Robert Lindsay's website:

"'Pissed Off'

Latest by Alpha Unit, guest poster on the site. Alpha Unit is a Black woman. Good stuff. Enjoy.

Malia Obama is ghetto trash.

This is the assessment of some upstanding conservative Americans who frequent a certain website. It’s not the first time an upstanding conservative has used this kind of language to describe someone in the First Family. Some time ago a talk radio host proclaimed that Michelle Obama is trash. “We have trash in the White House,” she told her listeners, with relish.

What is the evidence that Michelle Obama is trash? And what is the evidence that her 11-year-old daughter is ghetto trash, besides the fact that she wore a T-shirt with a peace symbol on it?

The Obama daughters could have been decked out like the finest of White royalty, and it wouldn’t have stopped these people from savaging them. That’s because two little Black kids shouldn’t be in the position they’re in. Only little White kids are supposed to be feted in world capitals and treated as if they’re something special.

These kids might grow up thinking they’re deserving of this treatment. And a lot of other Black kids might, too. It especially won’t do to have Black women thinking they can get anywhere near that pedestal with White women.

And yet there they are. Representing the whole United States of America. It’s just churning the innards of these conservative, White Real Americans, pissing off these Civilized People. And there’s not a damned thing they can do about it except weep and wail and gnash their teeth. And slam little girls.

Like the class act they are."

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fox Anchor: Americans Marry "Ethnics" and Other "Species"

Say what? These people at Faux News are the reason why race relations are so tense today. America is not racially pure, never was, never will. Wake up, racists and nationalists, you are outnumbered!!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial - Jackson Brothers Closing Comments

Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine thanks the crowd at the Staples Center for attending the memorial service.

Marlon Jackson then gives an emotional eulogy. "Maybe now, Michael, they will leave you alone."

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Gaffney, South Carolina Serial Killer Takes 5th Life

A new sketch of the serial killer has been released for the community of Gaffney, South Carolina. Let us hope they catch this guy fast, or that he does one thing right and turns himself in. Condol...
A new sketch of the serial killer has been released for the community of Gaffney, South Carolina. Let us hope they catch this guy fast, or that he does one thing right and turns himself in. Condolences go out to the victims families. If you see anyone fitting the description of the man or the truck of the suspect call police right away. Police are warning residents to stay aware and if they break down especially at night call police for assistance right away. May God watch over this community so this killer may be caught.

S.C. Serial Killer is Dead

Suspected Serial Killer Shot Dead

GAFFNEY, S.C. (July 7) -- People terrorized by a serial killer who shot five people to death in their small community were relieved after police said they killed the man responsible. But with his death, an answer to the bloody spree remains unknown.
"I still want to know why he did it," said truck driver Matt Brown, 55, of Gaffney. "Why he killed so many innocent people. I guess we'll never know."

I'm glad that this nightmare end. May the victims rest in peace.

The Victims:

Hazel Linder
Gena Linder Parker
Kline Cash
Stephen Tyler
Abby Tyler


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