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American Renaissance's Incessant Obsession over Interracial Relationships

Is this something bigots got rile up over?

Why is that even an issue among some race-obsessed people at American Renaissance website when there are greater social problems such as unemployment, the recession, police brutality, racism, sexism, classism, the wars around the world, and famine?

Tell that to a group of race obsessed people in and around St. Louis metro area and beyond regarding the cover of a multiracial couple kissing by St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

On the cover of today’s Go! magazine, a regular section of Friday’s Post-Dispatch, there is a photo of a couple kissing to go along with the story “The 7 Best Places To Smooch”. The story hasn’t generated a ton of buzz, but the photo has. Why? Because the man is black and the woman is white. The reader comments at the end of the online version clearly showed us that at least some folks out there are not comfortable with interracial relationships.

Of course, American Renaissance readers always have something snide to say about race mixing, especially racial mixing between Blacks and Whites, in this day and time. The posts concerning Black and White mixing always generate the most comments because many of the readers, deep down, want to keep their race and ethnicity "pure" by not dating and marrying Blacks and Multiracial Blacks. I know there are some who don't approve of Whites marrying Latinos and Asians, but that doesn't generate as much hate, no, not even close to the animus against peoples of African descent. Here are some of their gems:

"Just because people don’t support mixing of the races (there are many blacks and browns and yellows that also don’t like mixing) doesn’t make them racist. Educated? Hardly. She doesn’t even know what the word “racist” means. The mere mention of redneck as a response to some folks not liking or accepting interracial dating and/or miscegenation is typical of an ignoramus. Be advised that many highly-educated whites do not like interracial dating or miscegenation anymore than our like-minded kin in the trailer parks. She’s not only ignorant, she is totally and irrevocably brainwashed."

"As a white woman, I don’t have much to say about this magazine cover except “gross”. I can’t even imagine…wait a minute…I don’t even WANT to imagine."

"The level of disgusting immorality in the media knows no bounds. In a few years they’ll be two men kissing on the cover and a decade from now it’ll be a woman and some farm animal. What will be even more disgusting is that people will still post in the comments sections to get with the times, redneck trailer trash, etc. if other people are nauseated by it."
Posted by John

"Even though I haven’t lived in St. Louis in the past 45 years,I still follow the daily news.
The crimes committed by blacks against whites has increased and the violent nature of these crimes would cause most whites with any sense of civility to distrust ANY relationship with blacks, especially black males. Most white women wind up abused or worse,read Nicole Simpson, as a prime example. If people wish to express their outrage, it’s part of of constitutional freedoms. The PC police would like to silence you!"
Posted by Anonymous

This one is from an affluent woman named "Lauren":

"What frightens me most about the photo, and other images like it, is that it sets white women up as targets. Targets for rape, targets for ‘boyfriends’ who turn out to be enslaving pimps: or maybe they will just be targets for sweet-talking, girlfriend-impregnating highschool jocks, who will turn out to be the kind of worthless husbands who leech off their wives, before finally deserting their families (the usual pattern, it seems, when white women marry black men…you know, like the ‘fathers’ of Halle Berry and Barak Obama).
I would like to address the assertions of certain posters, that ‘racists’ are people who live in trailers, smoke meth, and are ‘ignorant’. Instead of generalizing about others, I will offer myself as an example of the ‘racists’ who post here.
My mother was a Debutante, my father was a member of the best fraternity at his college, and our immediate ancestors typically inhabited archetypal Mississippi mansions with third-floor ballrooms. The men were educated in New York or Europe, and the women sere sent to ‘finishing schools’. Our more distant ancestors were Norman Engilsh aristocrats and Swiss Huguenots. Beyond that, we have documented lines of descent from signers of the Magna Carta, Holy Roman Emperors, Senators of pre-Imperial Rome, and the kings of Judea. The likelihood of such an ancestry’s producing stupid descendants is rather low. It happens, but seldom.
The Kennedy/Johnson ‘Great Society’, following the Civil War, the Boll Wevil, and the Cotton Panics, succeeded in wiping out most of our ‘family money’. However, my parents’ generation, and my own, have recovered our standing to some extent.
While my house is smaller than I would like (Marble House, in Newport, is what I’d prefer.), it is within the wealthiest city, and the wealthiest county in our state. I have never inhabited a trailer, nor has any member of my family. I take that back: one uncle did rent an Airstream for a semester, while he was in Pre-Med.
No one smokes crack in our house. No one smokes ANYTHING in our house. Nor do they consume alcohol or eat meat. We are vegetarians, and mostly buy Organic. We have no domestic servants, and maintain the grounds of our home ourselves. We wash our own cars, iron our own clothing, and put an atypically high percentage of our income into investments. We have no pets. Our social life is limited. Our workdays are long. And we long ago severed our religious affiliations, having wearied of hearing ‘one-worlder’ garbage coming from the pulpits.
When I was a toddler, I went to the most progressive nursery school in the university town where my parents then lived (my Stepfather had taught Chemical Engineering, before opening his first factory). Later, I went to the best of three private schools in our town, and have eight years of college. My husband is in one of the top two professions. Our children have, or are getting, professional degrees.
I prefer to think of myself as a ‘realist’, rather than as a ‘racist’. But I became a racist/realist as a result of having grown up in an extremely diverse community. I got to observe the differences from close range. I experienced my first persecution for being a white Protestant while in private school, from a marginally-white, non-protestant Principal, who went out of his way to promote students of his own religion/ethnicity, and to discredit Protestant and Jewish students.
I doubt this will dislodge certain individuals’ preconceptions regarding ‘racists’. But it was worth a try"


“This is very funny. I usually find from personal experience that most white women that marry black men are usually low class. I don’t often see middle class or upper class white women married to black men.”
Not anymore. I see more and more black-white couples where they both look well groomed and from good upbringings. It’s mostly white women with black boyfriends. It goes to show just how impressionable females really are. They believe whatever they are shown because they have a need to be seen as nice conformists. It’s a virtue that turns into a vice when the role models are selfish and destructive. First it was Sex & the City, now they all want to make little miniature Obamas, just like they saw on TV and magazine covers. "


"There is most definitely something to be learned from these types of relationships and why it seems, celebrity black man generally gravitate towards nordic blonde women. Seal, Tiger Woods, OJ Simpson (of course, we know how that one turned out). James Earl Jones (although I’ll bet his wife was quite beautiful when she was younger), Clarence Thomas, to name just a few.
Of course, there isn’t an iota of attraciveness in Seal. And I say that because when I look at Denzel Washington, I can honestly say that, although I wouldn’t date or marry him, he is attractive for a black man.
On the reverse, you have attractive black women who gravitate towards white guys. However, not as many as black men. Halle Berry comes to mind. Here is an attractive mixed race woman, who was married to TWO black men and had no children by either one. She then meets some attractive white model and bingo, becomes pregnant and has a daughter.
While I’m not a psychologist and couldn’t even begin to explain these relationships, it reminds me of something my mother used to say when I was younger. That black people wanted to be white so bad they could taste it. Why else would they straighten their hair and lighten their skin. They may say they hate whitey and yell it at the top of their lungs but I think that black men and black women who marry whites feel like it the closest they will ever get to actually being white. Of course, on the other hand, my husband says it’s just a way to mutt up our race."

The following comments are by several affluent WM regarding Black women/White men intermarriage:

"I heard group of young, good looking, White males last week in a upscale restaurant discussing Michelle Obama, Anglea Bassett, Halle Berry, Vanessa Williams, Beverly Johnson and some other Black women they personally knew.
They were going on and on about how they would have no problem dating or marrying these women. Some of them were apparently involved with Black women. I was digusted to hear such talkand ate my food as fast as I could so I could not have to hear such comments from obviously prideless White men.
We White often conrtibute to our demise."
by Pragmatic Race Man

"Pragmatic Race Man:
I live in a area where there is a visible amount of White male/Black female relationships. The majority of them are upper income couples.
It does make you wonder why this is happening"


"That will not happen anytime soon. African blacks almost literally worship their half-breed mongrels and know their simian like features do not fare well in international beauty contests.
One could only imagine the glee of this half-breed’s mother marrying a white male.
A white spouse is the ultimate status symbol in Africa, meaning less uglier children and the ability to live abroad, and ironically, in the nicer parts of their native country. "

"Looks like some white genes died in one of her parents.
Given this woman’s last name, it appears that it was a white male who has wiped out his family line and devolved back to Africa via miscegenation."


"Here’s one White man who instinctively recoils when he sees a White man with a Black woman. He could have created Whites and he chose to create Blacks. Sickening.
Posted by Anonymous "


Last week I was at a local pizza joint having lunch. There were a group of White males discussing Michelle Obama and Black women in general. They went on and on about how they found some Black women exotic, vibrant sensual etc… A few of them are apparently are dating Black women and the like.It was sickening.
So yes, this sort of miscegenation is happening and perhaps it has been taking place for awhile.

19 — Samuel wrote at 8:02 PM on March 13:
All you have to do is look at the number of blogs that talk about how good looking Michelle Obama is. In fact , one White columnist Jack Cafferty wrote a column on his blog talking about how hwe had a crush on her, Robin Givens, Vanessa Williams Kerry Washington, Halle Berry etc…
The number of White men who responded expressing similar sentiments (one oeven told him to get in line and wait his turn) was disgusting. We are through as a nation.

These mofos are so bothered by White men dating/marrying Black and multiracial Black women. Too bad! It's going to happen whether you like it or not. Yes, contrary to some, plenty of bigots out there who are very much threatened by White men dating/marrying Black women and having multiracial children as well. These people are not run of the mill types one finds at Stormfront. They are middle to upper class, well-educated, well-heeled intellectual types. They are far more dangerous, for they are the ones who are running things in American society.
I hope Evia and her Something New followers read the above posts from such so-called gentlemen.


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