Friday, September 05, 2008 plays along with Right-Wing media pumping of John, "Gook" McCain

Check out how the "Native" media reports on the colonial U.S. presidential election: I

Indianz.Com > News > McCain cites tribes in GOP acceptance speech
McCain cited his record as an opponent of corruption in his speech at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. "I've fought lobbyists who stole from Indian tribes," he said. McCain served two terms as chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee. In his second term, he focused on convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who was sentenced on Thursday for four years in prison for defrauding his tribal clients out of millions of dollars.

First off, John McCain had little, if anything to do with defending Aboriginals against federal exploitation. Abramoff was a republican. A republican with a long reach in the Washington D.C. old-boy network, including people POW McCain calls his "friends", my friends. of course has been hyping this version of McCain, the War Hero as opposed to the reality of John McCain's true record of incompetent military service, his dropping of his first wife after she lost her looks for a former model and his horrible record of cutting funds for other veterans who have earned their benefits fighting an oil war republicans and their coroporative fascist sponsors purposefully started in a mad bid to monopolise Western Asian petroleum sources. West Africa is next on this list as evidenced by U.S. Secretary of State Condi Rice's odd visit to Libya, a former high-level target of American abuse (President Ronald Reagan ordered an attack on the Libyan leader's private residence that missed him but succeeded in killing his young son) and the quiet creation of AFRICOM on the heels of former U.S. President Bill Clinton's first photo-jaunt through Africa talking of plans to create an Western-based African version of GATT for the Dark Continent.

Now, if the reader takes into account recent events in Afghanistan, Iraq, Georgia, Kosovo and the juvenile sword-rattling towards Iran, Hugo Chavez and a curious little aborted venture in Africa with Mark Thatcher & Simon Mann, it would be elemental to state that oil is at the root of this contemporary geo-political evil. It points to a series of logical fallacies justifying the end goal of implementing a total proto-European military power canopy over the entire world's supply and trafficking of petroleum. Demonising the Arab people as backward anti-Christians and purposefully mis-representing the Muslim world in particular as an "evil" force serves the propaganistic purpose of engendering an atmosphere of a perpetual war psychology, a tactical socio-political necessity for the Western oil industry.

With Aboriginal peoples around the world threatened by this, including Indigenous communities in the United States, sees fit to ignore this data in favour of Republican-positive "news" that flies in the face of of what is really going on.

One of the main things that disturbs me is that does not see a responsibility to report the damage John McCain has inflicted on Native people:

". John McCain sponsored PL104-301 in 1994 whereby John McCain dispossessed the Natives of their Right to own their own property. A liberal Supreme Court upheld challenges to this law in bad guidance claiming that Navajo don't own their property, their tribe does, so therefore they individually can not protest relocation. Since there is no mechanism in the law for participation by the whole tribe, this fait acomplis does clearly represent a corrupted Supreme Court process in the 1995/6 time frame, a Court stacked by Bill Clinton, who also signed the McCain bills into law.

John McCain sponsored S1973 in 1996 whereby John McCain (read copy) implemented the partitioned land initiative to make it feasible for the land occupied by the Native American's to be considered "public lands" after Natives were (false characterization:) "voluntarily resettled". (Bill History) .

John McCain's sponsored the "Settlement Act" in 1998 which attempts to force (under PL 104-301) the Native Navajo to SIGN illegal laws of a non-existent Hopi Nation created by the Partitioned Land Act (also enforced by McCain and his peers on the Senate Committee on IA), thereby making the lands (false characterization) "voluntarily resettled" per S1973 after the forgery of Dineh-Navajo signatures is brought before the Senate by opposing Senators.

John McCain organizes the "Rapid Resettlement" Enforcement Action which was sponsored by John McCain in 1999, citing Bill Clinton's support, asking the secretary of the Interior and the Attorney General to force the Natives to hurry up and sign the land over. "

VANISHING PRAYER - Media Player - Part 1 (Click here..>) | VANISHING PRAYER - Media Player - Part 2 (Click here..>).

If you have reviewed this documentary and still think that John McCain or his new running mate give a damn about First Nations people, I question your Indianness. I really do. Especially those of you who like McCain enjoy throwing their military service in the faces of those in Indian Country who do not tow the party-line that the BIA (Bureau for Intimidating Aboriginals) feeds them through the likes of Ben Nighthorse Campbell. Tell me the truth, while you were struggling to extend democracy overseas, did you or your people have freedom stateside? If you say yes to that, please explain the information above as evidence of America's love for the Indian. I would really like to hear what you have to say. I want to understand how an Indian could support such a person poltically knowing full well that placing them in that sort of power potentially spells doom for your own community.

See: Gregg Wager: Some things never change, including the government's
attitude toward Native American real estate

I also expect Native people who think the U.S. is the best thing since commodity-box cheese will support the McCain-Palin ticket based on the allegation that her husband is a White Indian. According to, who made a point of parting with this bit:

McCain's running mate is Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R), whose husband, Todd Palin, is Alaska Native.

So what, right? Not really. The "Indian", i.e, "minority connection" has recently flooded the airwaves in defense of Gov. Palin's use of political weight to get a law officer terminated from his position following his seperation from her sibling. She claims that the officer, her former brother-in-law, made an derogatory comment towards Alaskan Natives and that her insistence on his firing was based on her deep respect for First Nations peoples.

So she and her handlers say, but if she is so pro-Indian, why is she running alongside someone so anti-Indian? Why is she pro-Indian but ready to drill on Indian land without regard to the impact it will have on those communities and the environment? And so what if her husband is of partial Indigenous descent? Does that mean that Palin will check the "I hated the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live." McCain that peeks out from behind his crude jokes about rape and bombing nations that have not threatened the United States? What is her opinion on the way McCain has used White angst to whip up racial resentment towards Barack Obama? Is she preparded to expose the congenital anti-Indian, Anti-African and anti-Arab racism that drives the neo-conservative rabble?

I doubt it. And so should you. Especially since her church thinks that Jews deserve the animosity they experience. So, she is a Creationist Judeophobe. And this is who, National Public Radio and FOX NEWS favour over someone like Ralph Nader or Cynthia McKinney? Doesn't make sense that a "Indian" news agency would overlook these facts when they tout the McCain the mainstream corporate disinformation machine illusion of a capable leader who just also happens to not know what country he is talking about in his speeches to his ditto-heads. And worse, he flat-out lies about his commitment to Indian rights when he is directly responsible for committing genocide against the Dine' people.

Indian media, or White Man's Indian media? You decide.

- The Angryindian

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