Monday, July 21, 2008

Let's blame Barack Obama for everything

Wow! Have you heard the new John McCain campaign ad in which it's insinuated that the rising price of gas is somehow Senator Obama's fault? Watch the ad below:

I wish someone had told me that you can just pull something out my !@# and blame Barack Obama a long time ago. Things would have been so much easier.

Well I have made a list of other bad things in recent memory that I intend to blame Senator Obama for. Some you may relate to others you may not but feel free to add your own bad things to the list.

* Hancock ( Hey, Ghost Rider made a lot of money too, bet you ain't dying to see it again are you? )

*Windows Vista ( I would make a comment but I just got a warning message )

*That orange Mountain Dew ( That red one too, yuck! )

*Blade Trinity ( How is Blade going to be a guest star in his own movie ? )

* Reality TV ( Enough said )

* The Pontiac Aztec ( Quite possibly the ugliest vehicle ever made not to serve on a battlefield )

* Black Jelly Beans ( Why do the nasty ones gotta be black ????? )

* The New ECW ( Now ECW stands for Extremely Crappy Wrestling )

*The series ending of the Sorpranos ( WTF )

*Jar Jar Binks ( Let's not and say we did )

*The NY Knicks ( If you can't say anything nice... )

*The Washington Wizards uniforms.( I wonder how many beers the designer had while working? )

*The 4 door Mini Cooper ( blasphemy )

That's it for now but don't worry I'll think of more. See ya....

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