Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Links for 2-7-2007

Huffington Report expose on the racist/sexist Washington Times. Mr. Coombs, the nortorious neo-Confederate, racist, sexist, and an avocate of birth control and abortion for People of Color is exposed for all to see. His views are a danger to America and the world at large. Click here.
Also read, "Hell of a Times" at The Nation magazine. I regret that I didn't post this piece earlier. The people who run that paper are evil and are a danger to America and the world.

Also disturbing are the blackface and "ghetto themed" parties by white students at colleges around the nation. Rachel has a lot of info. regarding such evil parties at her website. Click here, here, and here.


Tohou Lidia said...

Wow - that's amazing. Is The Washington Times supposed to be the respected paper compared to the Post? It really makes you question the freedom of the media and the supposed lack of bias mainstream papers are supposed to have. I mean, i think it's inevitable that some newspapers will sometimes slant to the right or the left, but it's scary when the person in control is so blatantly racist.

And that college thing is disgraceful. They made it to college, wouldn't they have a good enough bank of black American history that they would know better? I'm Australian and even i know that's offensive!Great blog by the way! It really makes me think :)

sailerfraud said...

The Washington Times is one of the most far right fascist/racist media outlets in the world. It was bought by that right-wing cult leader, Sun Myung Moon, around 1980 - you know, the leader of the infamous Monies cult group.

They have close ties to racist right-wing folks and groups like the Council of Conservative Citizens. I don't even know where to start you off with their racist ties, but it's all over the internet.

It's (in)famously known in America for their piece of crap.


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