Saturday, March 04, 2017

What Happened To Bruce Warrick?

The shooting of Bruce Warrick brings controversy to the Louisville Metro Police.

Attorney General Squinty Eyed Bigot is imposed to side with those in law enforcement. Obviously a good old Southerner like Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III would be probably say that the suspect refused to comply to an officer's order.

The officer had a "Oh Shit" of a second to respond to a threat.

A Louisville Metro Officer is in the freezer after she fired a round into an unarmed man. The female officer who was inside an abandoned home saw a suspect hiding underneath a mattress when she made a demand ordering him to show his hands. During that point, she shot him before he could do it.

Now Bruce Warrick is fighting for his life and the Louisville Metro Police are now doing damage control. The officer who shot him is Sarah Stumler, a seven year on the force with 14 recommendations and two disciplinary actions.

The police released the disturbing video and it's gotten the attention of local activists.

Warrick is fighting for his life. The hospital had to remove organs and is on a ventilator.

Now the white extremists are willing to drive this narrative about how the fault of the suspect. They want to blame the shooting on his past history with the court. They don't seem to understand that he was unarmed and the officer's failed training and trigger happy response lead to this.

Regardless of what happened, the officer will get paid leave. The state prosecutor will probably not charge Sarah Stumer for reckless use of firearm.

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