Friday, March 10, 2017

Sean "Softball" Hannity Blames Obama Again For Trump's Woes!

When will he ever get it through his lumpy head that the Trump legacy was marred with scandal way before he got into office?

The softball is calling for fuhrer Donald J. Trump to cannon fire all the so-called Barack Obama "holdovers" sabotaging his legacy.

Sean "Softball" Hannity went on his usual word vomits blaming former president Barack Obama for the latest controversies plaguing the Trump team.

On his right wing carnival, he goes full kookspiracy with this Alex Jones nonsense about the Deep State and how Obama is organizing Democrats to return back to power. The softball is calling upon a purge of federal workers who are leaking information to the junk food media.

He said that Abe fired more than 78 percent of executive branch employees during his presidency.

The softball cites the 19th Century for an excuse to have Trump cannon fire federal workers. He wants the fuhrer to fuck with honest hard working Americans who didn't do one thing to create the shitstorm Trump created on his own.

The softball been on this reactionary belief that a foreign agent's recent drop of intelligence is the fault of Obama. The Wikileaks bombshell has gotten under the fuhrer's skin and the softball isn't concerned now that Republican is in charge.

Wikileaks managed to do a document drop on tactics the CIA use to counter cyber terrorism.

The softball doesn't see that the document drop is a threat to the country. In his lumpy head, he believes that Obama and the CIA are purposely damaging Trump. He doesn't see the danger of the foreign actors like Julian Assange infiltrating an agency that defends the safety of the United States.

The Huffington Post also notes that the softball blamed everything from Michael Flynn's resignation, the Office of Government Ethics knocking the White House for not punishing Kellyanne Conway for dropping a plug, and Jeff Sessions removing himself from the federal investigation into the Trump team getting Russian contacts. All of these scandals are being blamed on Obama.

So far, Trump has been marred by scandal.

Trump is a walking, talking and tweeting ethics problem.

Sean "Softball" Hannity is marred by the constant word vomit he regurgitates on talk radio, television, and the social media.

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