Sunday, March 19, 2017

My Honest Take On Finding Out I'm A Dad!

I am thinking about working on a memoir about my interesting life. A life that took a turn for the better. However the storm clouds still exists and I am hoping to steer clear of the damage that a storm causes.

Well I have to break the news to our good readers of World News Today.

I'm a father. I am father of a baby boy. I couldn't be more prouder to be a father. However, I am not happy about the situation that made me a father.

Okay, let's get right down to business. I have posted back about My Honest Take on Valentine's Day and the Social Media And Dating: A Love Story. I told you about my experiences with two women who I met through social media dating websites such as Badoo and

Well here's another episode of the social media and the results of meeting women online.

A woman I met through the social dating websites told me a few months ago that she had a baby and the baby is mine. I immediately got a home paternity test. I did a swab and the woman swabbed the baby for DNA. After a couple of weeks, we got the results.

Well it turns out to be my child.

I was shocked. I was hurt and I was really mad. I missed out on my son's birth. The woman told me four months after she gave birth. I truly believed she was a terrible person.

This is my first child and I never expected to be a parent anytime soon.

But now, I am going to dust myself off and prepare for the long haul.

I haven't spoken directly to her in nearly a year. I didn't even expect to hear from her after she brushed me off.

Most of the time, I am very cautious about dating women online. I do not rush into relationships.

I mean it was a situation that I didn't expect to be in. Nonetheless I am going to be a part of my son's life as long as I'm living.

I had to forgive her for this. It was hard to do so. But for the sake of my son I will do all I can to make things right.  I love my son and I hope things will finally go my way.

Recently I made peace with one of the women who hurt me. And there's no bad blood between us. I believe she isn't happy in her relationship and I am starting to rekindle feelings once again.

Another woman I had dated and loved truly passed away.

I was sorry to hear that. I was a lost for words. She leaves behind a husband and a son. She lived in Kansas and I was told she died from complications of a surgery. She was loved by her family and friends.

I truly loved her and I will miss her.

Although we all went our separate ways, I never wished ill upon her. I wish those who done me wrong well. I hope when we see each other again, we can reflect on the good times once again.

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