Saturday, February 25, 2017

White Extremist Murders A Man He Claimed Was "Middle Eastern!"

White terrorist kills an innocent man at a Kansas bar.

Kansas City was the scene of a mass shooting. As I told the good readers here at World News Today in simple fashion: EXPECT MORE!

When Republicans continue to allow firearms into public venues and rollback restrictions that ban people with mental issues or those with the potential to carry out terrorist attacks.

Given that this is considered a "regional" incident, the junk food media will not elevate this story to national coverage.

Conservatives are on this "America first" bullshit. They want to kick foreigners and Muslims out of the country because they are threats to their White privilege.

Olathe Police arrest a White extremist after got into a heated argument with a group of bar goers.

The extremist said some racial slurs towards the victims. Then when he was thrown out the club, he returned back to the bar popping off his piece.

The bullets were flying and it hit Srinivas Kuchibhotla, an engineering student from India. He was killed upon impact. His two friends were injured. Ian Grillot and Alok Madasani were injured trying to wrestle the firearm from the terrorist.

This white terrorist is named Adam Purinton. He will face murder charges and a possible federal hate crime charge. He could face LIFE in the iron college. He could also be given the DEATH card if he is found guilty of a federal hate crime charge.
Terrorist kills an Indian man in a suburban Kansas City bar.
See the warped minds often believe that the foreigners are taking away something of theirs.

Of course, they can't get it through their thick heads that the First Nation/Native Americans owned the land before European colonial rule.

This isn't Making America Great Again! This innocent man loses his life to the bigotry of hatemongers like Pat Roberts, Jerry Moran, Sam Brownback, Kevin Yoder, Roger Marshall, Lynn Jenkins, Mike Pence and Donald J. Trump.

I know the terrorist is solely responsible for the heartless murder of an innocent man.

However, I blame these Republican lawmakers and the fuhrer for the death of Srinivas.

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