Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Trial Is On For Dirty Cop Who Killed Philando Castile!

St. Anthony's Police officer Geronimo Yanez faces trial in the murder of Philando Castile.

Geronimo Yanez was hoping to use every dirty tactic in the book to have a judge throw out his murder charge. The Minnesota cop who fatally killed Philando Castile is facing manslaughter, second degree murder and unbecoming of a peace officer charges.

He is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Even with video evidence, the defense will argue that Philando's "history" with the law could be a signal that he was a potential threat to the officer.

A routine pullover turned fatal.

Philando was with his girlfriend Diamond Reynolds and her daughter when he pulled over for a faulty taillight. Of course, according to Diamond, he was shot by Yanez when he was reaching for his wallet. She said that Philando acknowledged he had a firearm and permit to use it.
Corrupt cop trying to get out of a murder charge.

Ramsey County judge William Leary III said that the trial is on.

The actions committed by Yanez were enough to qualify for a trial.

Again, I won't hold my breath. I believe that Yanez will walk because the junk food media will persuade public opinion.

The White extremists will automatically fault Black Lives Matter, Barack Obama and Black leaders for the outcome regardless.

And it's a damn shame that if a man of color who was legally obligated to carry a firearm is still a threat to a trigger happy cop.

That wide set nose pretty much is a dead giveaway for most Black criminals according to Yanez and many other corrupt cops.

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