Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Old Fart Limbaugh: Obama Got Everything Cause Of Race!

The old fart Rush Limbaugh blames Obama for Trump's failures.

You gotta love this....

The guy who used the four words, "I hope he fails" once again knocks Barack Obama for fuhrer Donald J. Trump's woes.

The 66 year old agitator is losing his audience and advertising. He hasn't been "cool" as he claims himself to be. He's a repulsive agitator who built his empire on the "-isms."

iHeartMedia which owns Premiere Radio Networks, downgraded his salary after he saw his ad revenue dry up after he took pot shots at activist Sandra Fluke.

Rush Limbaugh goes to Fox News Sunday to address how he feels now since Republicans took control of the Congress, the White House and state governorships.

He makes this bold claim that Obama got everything he wanted while in office because of his skin color.

In the first term, he managed to get two Supreme Court nominees, the successful raid to get Osama bin Laden, a Nobel Peace Prize and worldwide recognition for the fact he broke ground as the first African American president. His signature healthcare law is still active and his policies got the country out of a recession.

During the first term, Limbaugh and others were dog whistling. They worked up a frenzy over his race, his policies, his name and his agenda. Of course, his rhetoric gave rise to the Tea Party movement.

The movement took control of the House of Representatives and nearly the Senate. It made the remaining six years of Obama's term hectic. He couldn't get his third Supreme Court nominee confirmed with Republicans obstructing his agenda.

Now as Trump is seeing his agenda get rattled, Limbaugh returns to the canard of blaming Obama for the failures of Republicans.

Fuhrer Donald J. Trump begins his second month in office with dismal job approval. And to folks like this old fart Limbaugh, it's all the fault of Obama and the junk food media.

Nice try, jackass!

Limbaugh, Matt Drudge, Bill O'Reilly and Sean "Softball" Hannity toss salad for the Republican Party.

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