Friday, February 24, 2017

JCPenney Closing 140 Stores!

JCPenney closes 140 stores.

Large box stores are seeing their shoppers migrate to other venues. An anchor store known as J.C. Penney is deciding to close up 140 stores in the United States and Canada.

It cites sluggish sales during the holiday season. In order to save grace, they decided to close up underperforming stores and asking for some to take an early buyout or retirement.

These stores as well as distribution centers in Lakeland, Florida and Buena Park, California.

The possibility of a JCPenney closing in your neighborhood is huge. I mean the company promises that the closures will save the company from bankruptcy.

Macy's and Sears are also suffering in sales decline. They announced store closings as well.

Online competition, H&M, Forever 21, T.J. Maxx, Marshall's and thrift stores have taken shoppers away from the mall.

Out of the 1,014 stores, there's a possibility of some of the store closures are happening in your area.

It's unfortunate that American stores like JCPenney are fading away.

Making America Great Again is just a catchphrase. Losing your job in the Trump era is an actual fact!

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