Saturday, February 11, 2017

Gus Bilirakis Felt Indivisible!

Rep, Gus Bilirakis and his ally got an earful from protesters.

Republican congressman Gus Bilirakis from Florida felt the Bern. He saw his town hall erupt into a heated discussion with his constituents. The Republican lawmaker got to talking about his goal to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act. His right hand man made an "alternative fact" about how the law (known as Obamacare) having "death panels".

There were boos and shouting matches between Bill Akins and a man who was a supporter of the healthcare law.

He was called a lair by the constituent.

"You called me a liar," said Akins.

"You are a liar...Own up to it!" said the protester.

Akins the secretary of the Pasco County Republican Party was making the claim as well.

Soon as the crowd got rowdy, Akins went on to insult them.

"Ok children, all right children," said Akins.

Many Republicans claim that the protesters are paid agitators. Of course, when they got the love and support of the Tea Party, the Democrats called them paid protesters as well.

See Republicans now figured that they had the wind in their sails. Well I hope that many Americans rise up and show the party that we oppose their agenda and we're going to fight throughout the entire four years of the fuhrer's presidency.


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