Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fuhrer Trump Speaks! Will The World Listen?

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Trump needs people to support his policies. He address the nation.

Donald J. Trump delivers his speech to Joint Session of Congress. It's sort of like a State of the Union address. And the president (I meant fuhrer) will speak on issues that he urges Americans to get behind.

The speech is going to be controversial regardless of what he says. He will bring up issues like repealing the Affordable Care Act, increase military spending, reshaping tax reform, rollback current trade deals, rollback immigration reform, and take away portions of the safety net.

At this Joint Session of Congress will be the family members killed by illegal immigrants.

I am not watching it. I don't give two fucks about him, Mike Pence and the Republicans.

Democrats may boycott the event. Some hopefully will do a "Joe Wilson" and shout "you lie" during his speech.

Watch this live on the YouTube.

I will post the Democratic response as soon as the fuhrer is done. Again, I won't watch or listen to it. I expect it to last about 45 minutes or less. He has a low attention span and he doesn't like talking too much about things.

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