Wednesday, February 15, 2017

DOJ Going Fox Hunting!

Two dirty old pervs succeeded in making Fox News a money maker. Now they may have to face a new challenge in a courtroom.

No this isn't fake news!

When Roger Ailes was fired out the cannon for numerous accusations of sexual harassment against female employees at Fox News, the nation and the junk food media was shocked.

Now it seems like Ailes isn't gong to fade in disgrace just yet. He may have to appear in a federal court to answer questions to why he allowed this to happen.

Ailes will likely face criminal charges if any of the victims pursue them. The New York Daily News reports that a former Fox News host is pursuing criminal charges against Ailes and others.

Andrea Tantaros who is one of the numerous women is not letting this go under the radar.

She wants to see Ailes, Brian Kilmeade, John Roberts, Steve Doocy, Neil Cavuto, Eric Bolling and Tucker Carlson go down in flames.

Her attorney Judd Burstein said that this news is a bit of surprise to him.

"I was told by the U.S. Attorney's office there is an ongoing criminal investigation, relating to these allegations, all of these allegations," he said.

Ailes continues to deny any wrongdoing and believes that this is a "shakedown".

21st Century Fox co-CEOS James and Lachlan got word of Ailes misdeeds through Gabriel Sherman's explosive piece about the reclusive and vindictive media mogul.

Their dad Rupert allowed Ailes to run the business without overhead. While under Ailes control, many anchors feared that he could be bugging the offices. He would force mandatory stories to make Republicans look good. They were told to demonize Barack Obama. And of course women were told to wear something nice when they're on camera.

Tantaros said that the network is a " sex-fueled, Playboy mansion, fueled cult."

Gretchen Carlson settled with the network for over $20 million.

Megyn Kelly left the network in January to join NBC News.

Greta Van Susteren joins MSNBC in January after abruptly leaving Fox News in late September.

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