Monday, December 05, 2016

Massive Fire In Oakland Kills Dozens!

Oakland club fire claims 50 people.

I am fatigued of a lot of things. Tragedies are one of them. I am tired of hearing about how many people died in tragedies that could have been prevented. If we had a Congress that would pass regulations on building safety, some of these incidents could have been prevented. California is one of the states with the most regulations on the environment and safety of buildings. Given that California sits on the Ring of Fire Earthquake zone, the state assembly passed laws that stops companies from having unsafe structures like this tragedy in Oakland.

Somehow the party was too big and there were not enough escape routes. In case of an emergency, some would hide in the restroom or kitchen. Obviously some of the victims may have been in the restroom or in areas where exits weren't available.

There was a massive fire that led to tragedy in Oakland, California. It happened in a converted warehouse called The Ghost Ship. At the time of the fire, the warehouse was hosting a concert promoted by the house music label called 100% Silk and featured musicians from the label.

At present time nearly three dozen people were killed in the fire. This is probably one of the deadliest fires in Oakland. It would be counted one of the deadliest in the United States.

It's not known to how the fire was started but it was bad building preparations that made it impossible for victims to escape the fire. Given a fire could cause a stampede. Some of the victims were trampled as others tried to escape.

I blame Donald J. Trump, Mike Pence and Republicans for promising to cut regulations to building safety.

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