Friday, December 23, 2016

Feds Wrap Paul Wall!

World famous grill and jewelry titian Paul Wall was busted in a early morning "No Knock". Paul Wall is a hip-hop artist hailing from the city of Houston.

Grill man and rapper Paul Wall and nine others were busted in Houston today. The feds bust into his home and Grill, Tattoo and Jewelry looking for the weed, the hard and the boy.

Street slang:

Grill - Jewelry encrusted inside a mouth guard. 

Weed - most commonly known as marijuana.

Hard - most commonly known as crack/cocaine. It's also known as medicine, girl, rock, snow, and blow.

Boy - most commonly known as heroin. It's also known smack, tar, well and small. 

No knock - a controversial law enforcement tactic known as the "no knock warrant." The judge issues a late warrant for search and seizure of a individual or property. They use the county boys, the Marshals and the FBI to do early morning raids. The "no knock" means they can bust your door down and grab you out of bed. Usually it happens when the law fears the subject is armed or hiding incriminating information in a concealed area.

Paul Wall along with fellow rapper Baby Bash got hit up by the "no knock".

Paul Wall (born Paul Slayton) was charged with manufacturing/delivery on a controlled substance between 4-400 grams. That could put him in the federal time out for ten years.
Baby Bash was famous for the hit singles "Cyclone" and "Suga Suga".
Baby Bash (born Ronald Bryant) was also handed the same charges. Both were released on bond and have court date in late December.

The two are innocent until proven guilty.

TMZ reports that the rappers were among 10 people arrested when officers executed a search warrant on a Harris County location early Friday morning. The officers can confirm that THC was found.

So they were shipping weed  under the table.

That means someone snitched on them. Because the feds don't come to your door at 6am for a friendly visit.

Paul Wall was spotted in metro Houston this week doing charity events for local children before he got caught up.

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