Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Alan Thicke Passed Away!

America's TV Dad Alan Thicke passed away. He is the father of R&B/pop singer Robin Thicke.

One of America's famous TV dads passed away. The junk food media confirms that Alan Thicke passed away. Alan Thicke was a famous TV dad. He played Dr. Jason Seaver on the ABC hit sitcom Growing Pains. He was a Canadian-born actor, game show host, talk radio host and pitchman for Optima Tax Relief. The actor was playing hockey with his son Carter when he suffered a fatal heart attack.

He just posted on social media five hours ago before he passed away. He said that he was going to be on an episode of Fuller House, the sequel to Full House.

Thicke was born in Ontario, Canada. He started his career as a daytime talk show in Canada, and later hosted a late-night show called "Thicke of the Night" for an American audience, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Thicke a lifelong hockey fan, first rooting for the Montreal Canadiens and then the Los Angeles Kings after moving to California. He was a familiar face at NHL events over his life, performing at the league's award ceremony and also playing in a 2014 Celebrity Game.

TMZ confirmed that he passed away at the St. Joseph's Medical Center in Burbank.

Thicke was also involved in the music industry. He wrote theme songs for Hello Larry, The Facts of Life, Diff'Rent Strokes, Wheel Of Fortune and voice acted on television.

He was the "charming, witty, talented, icon".

He was the father of R&B singer Robin Thicke and voice actor Brennan Thicke. He passed away at 69 years old.

Now I expect his former castmates will send condolences soon.

Alan Thicke, Kirk Cameron, Joanna Kerns, Tracey Gold, Jeremy Miller, Ashley Johnson, and Leonardo DiCaprio were the stars of Growing Pains.

Alan Thicke, thank you for the years of laughs and charm. You will be missed.

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