Friday, October 28, 2016

The FBI Back On Those Godd*mn Emails Again!

When will it be over?


Hillary Clinton has a 75% chance of winning the general election.

Okay, the latest on the damn emails. FBI director James Comey wrote to Congressional committees involved that the case is being reopened.

This case isn't related to the Democratic nominee using an unauthorized network to store classified information. It turns out that it may be an issue with ex-lawmaker Anthony Weiner. Regardless, this has been one of the many "scandals" Republicans tried to stick on her.

With less than a few weeks to the election, this is the ongoing headache Clinton needs right now. Like most politicians with temperament, she will wait until the FBI concludes its investigation.

Her supporters are getting nervous.

FBI director James Comey investigates the Clinton emails again.

The Republicans are licking their chops again. Donald Trump in Manchester, NH made the move to say that its time to write the wrong and indict Clinton. He invoke former CIA director and general David Patareus  as a factor.

David Patareus was caught in a sex scandal while he was then the top man at the CIA. He gave classified information to reporter Paula Broadwell who he was having a romantic affair with. Patareus was given a nickel of federal in-house and ordered to pay a lenghty sum for this.

Mind you that Clinton was not charged with a criminal act.

The Republicans are still bemoaning that Clinton deliberately lied to federal prosecutors and Congress. The Republicans are opting for perjury of Congress charges.

Once again these emails are just a part of the Republican led investigations into the 9/11/12 attack on Benghazi. They're trying to tie this scandal to Clinton.

This has been a canard around President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

They seething with resentment and partisan rancor.

The conservative agitatiors see Wikileaks as saviors. They put their trust in a foreign entity that illegally hacked into a personal server of a political operative.

They put their trust in a man who is shady in his own right.

The party of law and order isn't the Democrats. It's certainly not the Republican Party.

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