Friday, September 04, 2015


Demoted to Sundays.

I don't often talk too much about what's going on over at MSNBC but you're aware that a face that many conservatives hate is being demoted to Sunday mornings.

Rev. Al Sharpton loses his 6pm weekday spot. Friday was the last airing of Politicsnation with Al Sharpton. Sharpton had on many guests and talked about issues facing the African American community and of course Washington.

Starting in October, the agitator will land on Sunday mornings before Melissa Harris-Perry.

This comes as a huge shake up for the struggling liberal-leaning network.

Matter of fact, Mediaite was correct on its predictions of shows people hate to view. I guess Sharpton's program was hard to stomach. His biggest problem was pronouncing names of his guest.

He often has trouble saying the names of the guest or places. He admits to having a stuttering problem.

Keenan Thompson of SNL often mocked the civil rights leader for his inept debates with liberal and conservative guests. Mediaite ranked Politicsnation third worst news shows on cable. The leading shows for worst were Rowan Farrow Now and that annoying conservative agitator Sean Hannity.

Hannity's program is the worst cable news show. He was demoted last year and ranked the worst cable news host to ever have a show.

MSNBC decided to air live news coverage to lessen the partisan rancor.

This is a jab at that network they've often share a bitter rivalry with.

It was bound to happened though. Many people felt that MSNBC is trying to avoid being labeled as the Barack Obama Network. As you know, many of the agitators on the primetime have been critical of the president and Hillary Clinton. Even though it's not like the rival over at the Avenue of Americas, many liberal AM agitators are starting to notice the shift.

This along with the cancellation of The Cycle, Rowan Farrow, Now With Alex Wagner, Joy Ann-Reid, and The Ed Show marks a new era in the way MSNBC covers news.

Ed Schultz gave up his AM agitator spot for MSNBC.

Now he's returned to the airwaves through a podcast. He can't get a syndication to broadcast his show. MSNBC probably "blackballed" his career.

No word on what's going to fill the spots. But likely the demoted Brian Williams will handle 3pm-7pm slot for the time being.

Williams lost the NBC Nightly News spot after he lied about personal stories shared in his news reporting. Lester Holt became the full time host and Williams got shafted to MSNBC.

Williams is on thin ice with NBC.

For long, many conservatives hated Sharpton. They look at him as a "race hustla" and "swindler".

They were outraged that he got a news program.

I am guessing now they're happy knowing a sworn enemy to their cause is put on the back burner.

Matter of fact, he's on Sunday mornings at 8am. You know that's a time when people are either at work, church, or sleeping in. Who's got the time to see a bombastic liberal agitator?

I am waiting on the cannon firing of Sean Hannity. It's coming soon. I feel it in my bones.

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