Saturday, April 11, 2015

50 Cent: Nah, Game Ain't Coming Back To The Unit!

Bad blood. 50 Cent admits that Game is a great artist but he stands firm in not allowing him back into The Unit.

Game burned bridges and then some. Now the Compton rapper wants to make "peace" with The Unit.

We've heard this story. One minute Game goes after The Unit and a few months later, he's cool with them.

We know that every attempt to reunite with his old crew was marred with Game's stubbornness and unwillingness to acknowledge 50 Cent's role in his debut album.

In the beginning I was down with Game throughout his fallout with The Unit. But when I seen him admit that he believes leaving The Unit was a mistake, I started to believe the rumors of Game being bipolar.

As you know this is over 10 years since The Documentary. The debut album from Jayecon Taylor (aka Game). The first debut album since he signed a contract with Dr. Dre and 50 Cent. That album was a certified classic.

Despite his constant name drops, Game managed to score a four times platinum album. He had a lot of A-game producers, a lot of featured guests and five hit singles. But the thing that was missing was The Unit.

Yeah, there were features of Tony Yayo and 50 Cent, but the album was missing Young Buck and Lloyd Banks.

Well according to 50, Game didn't get along with Banks.

He wanted to do his thing with the Black Wall Street Records.

He was picking fights with Joe Budden, Memphis Bleek, Jay-Z and Yukmouth.

When 50 asked Game to jump on a single targeting Ja Rule, Nas, Jadakiss, Fat Joe and Ashanti, Game refused. Game said he didn't want no part in the feuding. He wanted to rep his click.

So on radio, 50 fired The Game. On Hot 97, 50 formally dismissed him from the group and told the public that Dr. Dre and 50 will continue without Game.

Game got upset and tried to confront 50 at the radio station. When his entourage was denied entry, a member of Game's crew threatened the security and they drew the pieces and popped off.

Game and 50 were both at the peak of an all out East-West Coast feud. But that ended when Jimmy Iovine warned them both that they'll be fired out the cannon if they don't patch things up.

So in front of cameras, the rappers made peace, "sort off".

While both hit each other with subliminal and not so subliminally dissing of one another, Game decided to release the 300 Bars. The freestyle went off on 50, Banks, Buck, Yayo and R&B singer Olivia.

He created the G-Unot boycott with his manager Jimmy Rosemond (aka Tha Henchman).

Game had been forced off the Aftermath label because he didn't want to pay royalties to Dre and 50.

50 took ownership of the naming rights after Game got fired from the labels.

50 continued to record a few more albums under Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment and Eminem's Shady Records label. But when it came to his Street King Immortal, it was put on ice. They shelved the album and let 50 find the door out.

Now as an independent artist, 50 decided to reunite with his estranged crew. He made peace with Buck and Banks. He also patched up things with Yayo and recruited Kidd Kidd to The Unit.

Now the Unit is trying to recapture its glory. But one member is still looking from the outside.

Outside is Game. Now an independent artist himself, Game is hoping to recruit Dre and 50 for The Documentary 2.

Game's failed attempts at reuniting with 50 all stemmed from the way they promoted The Documentary. The album was a product of The Unit.

Game didn't give credit to 50.

I believe that 50 should reconcile with Game. Although I don't trust Game at his word, 50 should get over the feud.

So do you think that it's time for these two to bury the hatch?

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